Pelosi’s blunder

April 9, 2007 at 2:49 pm (Cold War II, History, International community, Leftist idiocy, The Left, US Government)

The visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House of Representatives, to Syria was a major mistake.

Syria is a state that is opposed to The United States and to their interests in a variety of ways and in a number of areas. It supports terrorism through its support of Hezbollah and of various terrorist groups in Iraq. It also assists Iran in Iran’s campaigns and programs that endanger our national security, not to mention regional security in that area of the world and setting aside for a moment Iran’s complicity with the Russia-China Axis. Having mentioned the Russia-China Axis, Syria is a part of that as well. Syria is in effect an enemy of The United States, of their interests, of their allies, and of their allies’ interests.

As evidenced in President Clinton’s diplomacy-mongering, Democrats quite naïvely place substantial trust in diplomacy and negotiations. In his program “This Week In War”, John Roberts of CNN mentioned a number of supposed successes of diplomacy, among which were North Korea. He was arguing that holding discussions with enemies can yield good results. But he is an idiot. We played into North Korea’s hands and strategy, and North Korea did what they always do: agree to something and then renounce or break it posthaste. Roberts also mentioned Libya’s abandonment of its anti-American policies as a result of negotiations, which confirmed in my mind that Roberts is an idiot, a Democrat hack: Libya abandoned its anti-American policies because of America’s show of force in invading Iraq. But to admit that would be to say that the Iraq War, so bitterly opposed by Democrats, accomplished something in favor of our national interests — and in favor of our national security at that.

Furthermore, Pelosi is an official of the current government, and it is her duty and obligation to preserve the unitary nature of the government’s current foreign policy. She is more than welcome to advise, advocate, encourage, and even demand whatever she wants, but in the realm of action — what she effectively does with regard to our foreign policy — her options are far more limited. Although no state’s foreign policy is unitary in reality — there are always factions and groups that think differently than what the official line is — for the most part every state implements its foreign policy in a uniform and consistent manner. Pelosi has created a divided forign policy, which is not even within her prerogative. Congress and The President create foreign policy; the Speaker of The House of Representatives must subject himself to what has been decided. When did The President decide to engage in diplomacy with Syria by sending The Speaker? When did any relevant body of Congress decide to engage in diplomacy with Syria by sending The Speaker? Pelosi is outside the bounds of her office.

But I am not surprised. The reason why other countries celebrated the Democrats’ gains was because they saw in them a Party they could do business with, and this because they are naïve, opposed to the current Administration and its policies, and willing to replace pragmatism with idealism. And because they are idiots when it comes to securing national interests.

This unjustifiable act by Pelosi only confirms in my mind that if we are to protect The United States’ national interests, we cannot allow the Democrats to be in power. They are and have always been a danger to our national interests, and they simply refuse to see reality as it stares them in their face.

Related to nothing above, another element that confirms how Democrats are unfit for government is their staunch opposition to a robust, pro-American, and prestige-based foreign policy (which is currently roundly condemned under the name of “neo-conservatism”). Their replacement of pragmatism with idealism can only be to the greater detriment of The United States. (An example: the Iranis refused to release the American hostages under diplomacy-mongering President Carter; they released them under the comparatively militant and war-mongering President Reagan.)

Back to Pelosi: what does she intend to accomplish with this visit? Syria is too involved in anti-American and anti-Western terrorism to change its policies. Plus, it cannot change any policies unless allowed to by Iran or Hezbollah or Russia or Iraq’s Sunni terrorists. Syria’s hands are tied.

Israel recently faced a crisis regarding diplomacy with Syria: thing was that Syria wanted to talk with Israel. But Israel suspected Syria’s intentions, especially so soon after its victory in Lebanon. Olmert nixed any plans to negotiate with Syria, stipulating that Israel will engage its time and diplomatic resources when Syria shows signs that it is serious about a rapprochement. Israel won’t be manipulated or fooled.

All Pelosi’s visit will accomplish is make America look weak, that it has no unitary foreign policy, that the Administration in power is losing control and influence to Democrats who recently “swept” into power, that America’s foreign policy is softening up or can be expected to soften up under the Democrats, that America’s heretofore robust foreign policy is giving way to a more idealistic foreign policy where enemies of The United States can get away with their unjustifiable actions and still expect America to come knocking with good favor and when enemies need not show or even declare serious intentions to coöperate with America before America extends a hand of friendship.

Seriously. These people know nothing about how the rest of the world thinks and acts.


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