Of taking up the Cross

February 1, 2007 at 8:35 pm (Christianity, History)

Thank you for that comment, echnaton. (By the way, your “name” reminds me of Akhenaton’s.)

Unlike embarking on a jihad, someone desiring to embark on a Crusade had to go through a special rite or ritual during which a cross was sewn or painted onto the person’s clothes. This cross meant that the person was going forth for the Cross (that is, is a Crusader) and, as such, enjoyed the privileges bestowed upon such penitents. (“Taking up the Cross” was considered a penitential act; like pilgrimage (whose symbol was, I believe, a scallop), those embarking on a Crusade were granted certain spiritual and secular rights or privileges, including immunity.)

Each Crusade in each area had to be approved by the proper ecclesiastical authorities (usually the Pope). In some cases, the Pope exhorted certain areas or people to “take up the Cross” and in other cases the Pope declared that the obligation of taking up the Cross could (or ought) to be fullfilled by undertaking a campaign to somewhere other than the Levant. Examples include exhorting the French (yes, at one time they did fight) to launch a Crusade against the Albigensian (did I spell that right?) heresy, and exhorting the Spanish to expell the Muslim rulers and restore Iberia to Christian rule.



  1. Blue Collar Republican » Blog Archive » Blog Burst February 1, 2007 said,

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  2. John said,

    Interesting you should mention the scallop shell (or cockle shell, as the Brits say).
    That was worn by French pilgrims, who made the Christian hajj called El Camino de Santiago (pilgrimage to St. James of Compostela), a long long hike on foot, over the Pyrenees and on down to Galicia in Spain. Pilgrims picked up the scallop-shell badge at the Tour St. Jacques, near the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, and were on their way. That’s how scallops in France came to be “coquilles St. Jacques.” Oddly enough, there are still a few pious stragglers who trudge all the way from Paris to Compostela in summer-time.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro said,

    The 2° largest Egyptian newspaper thanks Adolph Hitler for his work, denounced also in the film The Islamic Mein Kampf :


    Already it is being filled in all of the countries of the civilized world the International Petition for UNO, requiring the immediate removal of the dictator of the Iran, if possible the whole nazi regime of that country. The problem is the origin: all the Islamic religion is nazi.

    That happens in extraordinary character in the History, soon after Iran and Hezbollah call the Muslims in the whole world to execute the Big Holocaust and the New Final Solution for exterminate all of the Jews and Americans on Earth, “wipping off the map” Israel and America.

    The reaction was immediate:

    The United Nations Convention for the Crimes Against the Humanity and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide fits the Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in its clause c) : “Incitement for the crime of genocide.”

    The International Petition will be delivered in the Court of the UN in Hague.

    For sign the International Petition, click the link:


  4. Ernesto Ribeiro said,

    Of course, the petition will leads to nothing. Everyone knows that there’s only one way to stop that Iranian psichopatic rat. It’s the same way used against the first Hitler. Americans are preparing for the new World War against the new Nazi Axis. And Israelis are ready.

    By the way, the French, too. President Jacques Chirac already notified in interview in the last Thursday that France “NEVER will accept” an Iran with atomic weapons; and before of the first Iranian missile travel through the skies, “Teheran will be DEVASTATED.”

    But the (desperate) objective of the Petition is get a peaceful solution for avoid a war – the first nuclear war in the History, that maybe will be the last one. Why? Because, in order to destroy the subterranean nuclear installations, isolated by tick walls of metal, the only possible way is an atomic bombardment. By the way, several.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

    “Iran is a superpower. (..) The acomplishment of a new world without the infidels is possible and already is visible. (..) After Israel and America, goes Europe, with the end of all of the westerners, all of the infidels in the world (..) “

    In a few words… EXTERMINATE “a minority” of 80% of the Humanity. Of course that everything that is a delirium of psychopaths. But when they got mass destruction power, the worst nightmares become real. Any doubt, study the History of the Twentieth century and see the real results of the Communist and Nazi dreams.

  5. MikeT said,

    The crusades were also nothing more than a defensive move in the larger context that they happened in. None of the people who really make a big deal out of them that I have ever met will even touch the subject of **why** the crusades happened which was several hundred years of bloody Islamic conquest. Most of the concern shown for them today is nothing more than anti-Christian sentiment and/or white guilt.

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