Of civilizational values foreign and domestic

January 26, 2007 at 7:05 pm (The Rest, The United States, The West)

I do not mind immigration or immigrants. Especially in the case of The United States, immigration and immigrants are good. We are, after all and ultimately, a nation of immigrants. What I do mind–and I mind this very much–are people who come here but refuse to embrace their new home, refuse to embrace their new home’s civilization and values, and who insist that their foreign ways and civilizational values be tolerated if not embraced, accepted, or praised.

Our civilizational values are what make us what we are today; they are what make us great. If their civilizational values were worthy of praise, tolerance, or acceptance, they would not have to come here.

Considering they came here by choice, the least we can expect is for them to embrace, defend, and appreciate their new home’s civilizational values.



  1. bugsngasgal said,

    So right. Come here legally, and come here to be an American, not to tear America down through subtle ways of rejecting American culture — such as refusing to learn the language or preaching hatred of freedom. Recently Tony Blair told immigrants (I believe this was aimed at Muslims specifically) in Britain to essentially shape up and join the British nation or ship out. We should do the same instead of funnel our tax dollars into other-language school programs and other social programs that encourage people to remain comfortably un-American. Assimilating into the culture doesn’t mean losing your family traditions or whatever language you want to speak at home. It means functioning in public life in American society in a positive and beneficial way, supporting the Constitution of the United States, and not coming here to be another drain on the taxpayers. Maybe we’re not explaining that to our immigrants.

  2. Christopher Taylor said,

    The only reason someone would come to a foreign country and stay while rejecting it’s culture and ideals is because they want to change those ideals and culture.


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