Now it’s my turn

January 25, 2007 at 3:58 pm (Books, The Right)

It seems that with his new book, The Enemy Within, Dinesh D’Souza has gone off his rocker.


Maybe now *I* can be the new brown enfant terrible of The Right!




  1. S. Weasel said,

    Yesss! You’re, like, my favorite brown person, next to the CEO of the corporation I work for, and my friend who’s a sort of mocha color.

    It really does sound like D’Souza’s gone ’round the bend with this one.

  2. Wickedpinto said,


    I will NOT lend my support. I think that is the best PR Tactic 🙂

  3. dicentra said,

    You… you’re brown?

    Oh my. I don’t think I can read this blog anymore. I mean, I’m one of those hateful wingnutters. I have to draw the line somewhere 😀

    OTOH, D’Souza makes for a good rebuttal to the Ward Churchill “chickens coming home to roost ,” to wit:

    “Yeah, if Janet Jackson hadn’t exposed her nipple and Britney Spears knew how to keep her legs crossed, 9/11 never would have happened (anachronism notwithstanding).”

  4. Wickedpinto said,

    I saw an interview with d’nesh, it was interesting, and it was inflamatory, and he came off as a lunatic.

    However? I saw some authors readings of anti-christian, anti-western books during this weekends “bookTV”

    Having said that, I must say this.

    D’Nesh, as offensive as what he depicts is, well. . .is it AS offensive as what the left has said?

    After 9/11, we heard from the far left “why do they hate us” and even the dem’s said that it was innappropriate to raise such questions, but later, there was an election, and the left, and the dems raised JUST THAT QUESTION again.

    D’Nesh, in his ham handed arrogant and foolish sort of way?

    Well, he FINALY answered the “why do they hate us” question, and he’s right, assuming there is an answer.

    if there is ANYTHING that makes them hate us? at this moment in time, it is NOT “The Right” it is in fact, “the left”

    It is the leftist attitude of poronographic expression no matter what bulldozer demonstrating the 1st ammendment (which I actually agree with) that has made the west such an easy target.

    Of all the enemies of the mind, it is the left who represents it.

    D’Nesh is exactly right. “why do they hate us?” Because of sharon stones pooter 13 years ago, because of tits and ass in every movie, because of oppressive and dominant women in movies, and in books and in news.

    That news, our news, those movies, our movies, have been exported, and they hate us because of the left, but NOW! that they don’t just hate us, but they attack us, the very attitudes (which I agree with) are now blaming peole who disagree’d with the very attitudes of the left?

    I don’t need tits flopping during a love scene to know that there has been two people making love, but the left thinks so.

    In essence the information offered to our enemy, that saturates their thoughts, and makes them hate us through the images we have given them (I completely disagree with the enemies) other than their own faith, well, it’s created by the left.

    I’m twisting and turning, but while I think D’nesh is WORSE than anne coulter, he’s from a society who knows the language, he just forgets the society he is speaking to.

    He’s right, but he’s wrong, but he’s also. . . . .PRETTY FUCKING RIGHT!!! all of the precise arguments against the west that the islamists use? They are the creations of the left. The same left that hates the west for offending islamists, if there is fault? it is the left, in that D’nesh is right.

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