If your comment doesn’t show up…

January 25, 2007 at 6:40 pm (Blogs, Personal)

If you have submitted a comment and it does not appear within two days, please e-mail the comment to me and I will post it.

It is possible that for some reason the spam-catching system marked it as spam and, as such, was deleted along with the rest of the spam (what with hundreds of spam “comments”, I cannot go through them to weed out any genuine comments); or it is possible that I may have inadverdently marked it as spam rather than approving it. (This applies to comments that are held for my approval, of which lately many have been spam comments.)

Thank you.



  1. Sandbad said,

    Hey Muslihoon,

    What do you think regarding the following 3 questions asked about the father of Mohammad founder of Islam?

    Regarding the father of Mohammad,

    question 1–what was his name?

    question 2–when did he die?

    question 3–what was his religion?

  2. blackflag said,

    Yes, attack of the spambots on wordpress lately Muslihuun.

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