“Pulsa de nura”

January 13, 2007 at 6:43 am (Israel, Judaism, Personal, Religion)

Although some characterize it as a curse, in reality “pulsa de nura” (Aramaic for “bolt of light”) is a prayer: it is a prayer beseeching God to deliver judgment on someone if that someone has sinned greviously against God. This is not taken lightly at all, and evidently even secular / atheist / agnostic / inactive / non-religious Jews dread it.

Many rabbis deny it exists. One Chicago rabbi published the text (as a PDF file) on his website, in order to dispell rumors about it.

The prayer is tied to Kabbalah (the real kind; in other words: Jewish mysticism or esotericism; to be more accurate, popular practical Kabbalah, which tends a bit to the superstitious side), and as such probably involves pronouncing or spelling names of God, petitioning angels, and so on. (I downloaded the PDF but have not read it; in any case, it would probably be in Aramaic, which I know very little of. Were it in Hebrew, I would have be able to make out what it meant.)

Evidently, the text for it is not easily found (probably because people fear misusing it: if misused, the person performing the prayer could be severely punished) or is not very common, but is used commonly in ultra-Orthodox circles against politicians they oppose. (As such, it would be found mainly in books circulating in ultra-Orthodox esoteric circles.)

But here is the puzzling part about it: there have been two well-known instances recently when pulsa de nura was used. The first time was against Yitzchak Rabin; he was assassinated within a month’s time. (I remember reading reports about the prayer, and then soon thereafter of the assassination.) The second time was against Ariel Sharon; he was felled by two major strokes within six months. (I remember reading about the prayer and expecting something very bad to happen to Sharon, all appearances to the contrary at that time. Then,…)

Although people dismiss these as simple coincidences, I don’t know if I am so sure about that. Even Sharon’s health was extraordinarily robust before he was mysteriously struck.

(I should do a post on Jewish esotericism: explain what it’s really about. None of this Kabbalah Centre nonsense.)



  1. digitalbrownshirt said,

    It seems to me that if this “prayer” really worked, they’d use it more than twice. The ultra orthadox would be solidly in control by now.

  2. Muslihoon said,

    Good point, digitalbrownshirt.

  3. S. Weasel said,

    I seem to recall from dim memory that there are well-sourced accounts of people wasting away and dying from voodoo curses. Also, I think people really did die of “a broken heart” in times past, for want of a better explanation.

    The answer lies in the mind of the recipient of a curse, I think.

    (Either that, or the God of Abraham is real and I am SO SCREWED).

  4. Ernesto Ribeiro said,

    Really: it’s the Devil talking to Hell creatures. The Evil Religion.

    I’d never read or heard so many SHIT in my life since Nazi and Communist adresses…

    Muslim speech makes me vomit…

    The big rat came back. The new Hitler, dictator of the Iran, visited several latin-american countries, preaching the Nazism. The rat-face tyrant of the worst hospice shit hole in the Hell, where the persons (sub) live in the Stone Age, feeding the terrorism and the civil war in the Iraq, came as invited of honor for watch cucarachas presidents inaugurals.

    Normal: the biggest flies are attracted by the biggest pieces of shit. The scum of the Humanity is rallying Latin America “because they are all anti-American leaders; and the United States lose with that.” Lose what? Just lose the little remainder of respect that still would have for the cucarachas. What we earn hating the best and associating to the worst?

    We have nothing it fear, except ourselves. Latin America already had some attention during Cold War. Today, solemnly it is despised. Because it is really despicable. Nobody is interested in spend a second of his precious time with insignificant countries. When a gorilla turns dictator threatening everyone who opposes socialism will be punished with death, that is problem of the people that elected him only. Capitalists business remain the same. Who says that is the president of peru, Alan Garcia: “Chavez is a hypocrite. He sells 80% of the oil to the Americans, but insults as “bribed” anyone else which do business with the United States.”

    As usual, who ruins Latin America are latin-americans themselves.

  5. Ernesto Ribeiro said,


    My anti-Islam blogs INFERNO = ISLAM and DYSTOPIA finished being HACKED.

    It looks like a hacker on service to the Islamics erased anti-Islam sites.

    They put out also the site JahMusic, which was linked to my 2 deleted anti-Islam blogs.

    Also hacked my third blog with my photos.

    At same day, the periodic site Mídia Sem Máscara ( Media Without Mask) was blocked 2 times.

    The right-wing newspaper, which supports the War on Terror, is mine main information source for the files, with endless number articles attacking the islamism.

    They already have my name and my face.

    To any moment, I can appear dead.

    Or then, sooner or later, I’m going to disappear.

  6. Pulsa Elektrik Murah said,

    Good point, digitalbrownshirt.

  7. m m mulla said,

    i love you nura

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