Iran and Russian imperialism

December 31, 2006 at 9:09 pm (Cold War II, History, Iran, The United Kingdom, World War III)

It is almost amusing that for many decades Russia and the United Kingdom lorded over Persia/Iran while enjoying good relations with Israel and only towards the end The United States became involved in Iran and yet since the so-called Islamic Revolution, Iran’s vitriol has been spewed against The United States and Israel with hardly any regard given to The United Kingdom (rather than assigning the title of “the Little Satan” to The United Kingdom, it is used for Israel) as Iran moves more and more into Russia’s grasp.

And of the four entities (The United States, The United Kingdom, Israe, and Russia), the two to not have engaged in imperialism or colonialism are The United States and Israel. And unlike The United Kingdom, which gave up imperialism and colonialism, Russia never gave up on its imperial and imperialist desires, continuing its imperialist policies even while ruling the Soviet Union (indeed, the guise of anti-imperialist communism allowed it to quite effectively expand its empire). So much for Iran’s anti-imperialism!

And, of course, it bothers me that Russia is getting away with it.

Ah well. I hope some day Iran will realize how it is being used by the Russia-China Axis and thereupon attempt to gain true sovereignty by ending within itself all foreign and alien forces such as Russia, China, and Islamism. Considering that the so-called Islamic Revolution could not even deliver on its claim/promise of Irani sovereignty within Iran–and how can Iran be sovereign when it depends on the Russia-China Axis and while the Axis calls the shots–the utter failure of the Revolution becomes apparent.

Which may explain why Iran’s demagogues have always tried to distract their people with fabricated conspiracies and enemies.


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  1. geoff said,

    It has been my hope that the relationships between Russia and Iran and between China and Iran would weaken with time. Surely Iran must eventually tire of being the point man for Russian and Chinese policies, and Russia and China must constantly worry about allowing Iran to grow too strong. So far, though, I’m not seeing any signs of stress in those relationships.

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