ETA attacks with a car bomb

December 30, 2006 at 6:13 pm (Europe, Idiots, News)

ETA, a Basque independence terrorist outfit, attacked with a car bomb, injuring 19 people.

In a prudent move, the IRA renounced terrorism after militant Islamist terrorists attacked the Underground. One would have expected the ETA to do the same after militant Islamists attacked Madrid.

The examples of how governments have reacted to terrorist attacks in Britain, Sri Lanka, India, and. Israel should make it clear that terrorism doesn’t work. As much as utmat exasperate government officials, such acts only erode support for terrorists’ cause and even opens the door for the government to act more harshly than if there were no attacks.

And yet these groups continue their abominable attacks.

The ETA’s attack will only hurt it and the Socialist government which had such a comparatively lenient policy towards them. The militant Islamist terrorists’ attack helped bring in the Socialist government, and now an ETA attack may bring it down.


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  1. S. Weasel said,

    For one brief, shining moment after 9/11, it looked like everybody was on board with the idea that we (the world at large) could no longer countenance the tactic of terrorism, no matter where employed by whom or why. It’s an unacceptable approach in a nuclear world.

    Then we rolled over and went back to sleep…

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