December 21, 2006 at 2:43 am (Idiots, News, US Government)

The ongoing revelations of what Sandy Berger did, and how the Legacy Media has ignored this while playing up stupid irrelevant incidences such as the Plame “leak” do worry me. Is a Democrat culprit somehow better than a Republican one? Whereas Berger potentially sabotaged national security big-time, the Legacy Media is obsessed about an empty-headed former spy and her politically opportunist (not to mention lying) husband.

I think the whole case around the Plame issue should simply be dropped. It’s a waste of time and resources.

Or is it?

I would not be so grumpy about this if the government used it as smokescreen while it purges its intelligence bodies of leaks. Distract the media with Plamegate while Leakgate is fixed, or something like that.

But it seems, from what I can see, that even this is not happening.

Ah, well. I guess it’s politics as usual.



  1. Kevin said,

    Interesting how this story has been completely buried by the MSM. I checked MSNBC’s front page immediately and apparently they feel it is more important to report about:

    “housing slump slows U.S. economy” (even though a report was just released detailing a booming economy).

    “teens turn to cough syrup for highs” (even though liberal ideology and it’s attack on our culture and values is the leading cause of this).

    “technology: do video games inspire murder” (oh geez, not again).

    “scoop: duff and richie wage war” (who cares?)

    they are even still reporting about the cop who asked the two black guys to rap.

    MSM outfits are an absolute joke. Anybody that still goes to them for news, current events, and reality are simply followers of the fairy-tale cult.

  2. Wickedpinto said,

    I already commented on Aces. and don’t feel like reliving it.

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