Diplomacy and War

December 9, 2006 at 3:53 am (A+ Reads, Blogs, History, War)

Wrote blackflag of blackflag (in his post “The New World Order (In the USA)”):

In the always “Happy World” of the Democratic Party every conflict is solved by diplomacy, there are no losers and there are no failures… they believe if only America will agree to the demands of it’s enemies everything will be “O.K.”.

This belief is a lie.

Quite right.

There is no diplomacy.

There is either war now…or war later. “Diplomacy” is a front to use and save face while one prepares for war.

Remember Hitler and Chamberlain at Munich in 1938, and Chamberlain’s “I believe it is peace for our time” naivete?

We should not forget the lessons of history. And if history has taught us anything, it is that diplomacy is nothing but distracting one’s opponent while one lines up one’s tanks.



  1. bugsngasgal said,

    The problem with the left is something I would call projection. They believe the enemy shares their own characteristics and ways of thinking. This makes them extremely vulnerable to Islamists, who are not crippled by such stupidity.

    The recent “flying imams” incident shows that Islamists do see the reality of this, they understand fully the vulnerabilities in the leftist belief system, and will blatantly manipulate it to their advantage. We are likely to see more instances in the future, with the new democrat-controlled Congress ripe for manipulation and eager to show its inexhaustible political correctness to the world.

    I’ll never understand why it is that the left has never been able to recognize this failing in their thinking, this complete rejection of reality; but since I must also accept reality I have to just say, “that’s they way they are” and know what to expect out of them. We’re in trouble.

  2. nbpundit said,

    We have been in trouble since the end of WWII. Because that’s
    when the LLL movement picked up steam. So many of our
    common sense men were killed in the war leaving once again
    only the scum on the pond behind. We’re in the same genetic
    pool as europe. The only recourse we may find ourselves in is
    the same one as the enemy where we have to eradicate in every
    hole, cave, and other dark hiding places they live as roaches.
    Because in reality that’s exactly what they are, two legged roaches.
    The only mechanism they have is one to spread disease,
    death, and despair.
    Reality will slap them as sure as gravity one day when
    we lose a whole metropolitan area such as L.A. or NYC.
    Otherwise keep your ammo current and dry.

  3. geoff said,

    The question the left should ask itself is: if you are not willing to engage in diplomacy with the conservative 1/3 of this country, why would you try it with radical fundamentalist regimes in other countries?

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  5. John said,

    Face it Musli: it’s going to be later. I hate to say that and am grieved at the greater loss of life this will mean, but the American people do not have the stomach for a bigger war right now. We will have to be hit harder than 9/11 to muster up the will that is needed. We’ll also need someone better than Bush I’m afraid. Perhaps if Giuliani wins in 08…

  6. The Raccoon said,

    Diplomacy has its place. When you have two countries with contesting interests and without too much animosity towards each other, dimplomacy is the only way to go.

    But when one of the countries involved openly and repeatedly states that it wants to destroy the other, kill and enslave its population and that nothing can change this… diplomacy can indeed only be used as cover for military preparations.

    Which is exactly what Iran has been doing – quite openly, mind you – for the past few years. And the West has been officially believing the molecule-thin facade of Iranian “diplomacy”. Same thing for assorted Palestinian terrorist organizations and North Korea.

    This psychosomatic blindness is the downfall of the West.

  7. Dave Drake said,

    I *believe* , sadly, yes – it will take some other type of attack on U.S. land before the Left wakes up that Terrorism is a Real Threat. I liken it to a raging fire at the end of one’s block -burning up the homes of neighbors. Will the Left wait until their home actually catches fire before acting to do something to put out the fire? In the case of terrorism, again, sadly, the answer appears to be a resounding ‘yes’.

    Best always, Musli.

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