Map: West and northwest South Asia

November 25, 2006 at 4:55 am (Afghanistan, History, Pakistan, South Asia, The Rest)

Here is a map of the western and northwestern region of South Asia. The key areas are the areas where Pakistan and Afghanistan meet (namely, Balochistan, FATA of the NWFP, and the NWFP). Circles refer to the names of cities; squares refer to administrative units. To the east of Pakistan is India. To the west of Pakistan and Afghanistan is Iran.

Western and northwestern South Asia

  • NWFP = “North-West Frontier Province”
  • FATA = “Federally-Administered Tribal Areas”, an administrative region of the NWFP
  • Karachi = largest city in Pakistan, capital of Sindh
  • Lahore = ancient city, capital of Punjab
  • Quetta = main city of Balochistan, capital of Balochistan
  • Peshawar = main city of the NWFP, capital of the NWFP
  • Wana = capital of the South Waziristan area of FATA, stronghold of the Taliban
  • Islamabad = capital of Pakistan
  • Srinagar = capital of Jammu and Kashmir, administered by India, region disputed between India and Pakistam
  • Jammu and Kashmir (disputed) = the part of Jammu and Kashmir administered by India, disputed between India and Pakistan
  • Azad Kashmir = part of Jammu and Kashmir administered by Pakistan, disputed between India and Pakistan
  • Kabul = capital of Afghanistan


  1. geoff said,


    Any reactions to this article:

    China, Pakistan cement strategic alliance for 21st century

  2. Major John said,

    NWFP = “North-West Frontier Province”

    I prefer P.J. O’Rourke’s definition of NWFP… “part of Pakistan that Pakistan doesn’t really control.”

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