Thanksgiving: for what I am thankful

November 24, 2006 at 2:08 am (Pictures)

On September 17, 1787, the Constitution of The United States was issued. On October 3, 1789, the first president of The United States, George Washington, issued the first National Thanksgiving Proclamation of The United States, setting aside November 26, 1789, as a day of thanksgiving for The Constitution. Prior to this, Thanksgiving (or, more accurately, days of thanksgiving) were proclaimed by the United States in Congress Assembled (the Republic under The Articles of Confederation), The Continental Congress (the Republic’s government before The Articles of Confederation were issued), and colonial authorities and entities.

This year, I give thanks to The Almighty for:

  • God’s mercy upon me and goodness to me and the same upon and to those whom I value and cherish;
  • my family and friends, regarding the latter, of whom many I know online;
  • brave and virtuous bloggers, who proclaim and detail the truth we all need to read/hear;
  • skilled bloggers who amuse and entertain us;
  • every one who reads and who comments on this blog;
  • The United States, for the unique and wonderful republic that they make;
  • The Constitution of The United States, for the unique principles it enshrines and for the unique government it gave birth to;
  • the Bill of Right of the aforementioned Constitution, for the freedoms it gives us all;
  • the liberties and freedoms enjoyed by us in The West;
  • people who risk their safety and lives to speak up on issues of grave importance;
  • every single member of The Armed Forces of The United States, for their heroic and brave efforts to secure The Republic and its peoples;
  • every person who passed on to Heaven while doing their duty to protect and serve the people of The United States – I implore God, our Father in Heaven, to shed grace and comfort and forgiveness upon them and to bless them with His august Presence, and to strength those these people have left behind, with comfort, assurance, confidence, and devotion to their sacred memory;
  • friends of The United States and of The West, for their much-appreciated love and friendship and support; and
  • all the many people and things my heart gives thanks but which I cannot utter with words or which my mind is presently unaware of.

I give thanks for the goodness and blessings from Heaven this past year, and I hope and pray that Heaven will be more generous in the year to come.


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