How stupid are our opponents

November 21, 2006 at 2:34 am (Idiots, International community, Iraq, Middle East, The Rest, The United States)

Redeyed_Wolf: I approved your despicable comment because unlike other places, I believe in free speech. Indeed, I have lived many years in countries where “free speech” is considered to be blasphemous and anti-Islamic. So I appreciate free speech, for I know what it is like to not have it. Furthermore, I consider myself an American who is devoted to American values, one of which is letting others have their say, no matter how horrid or stupid they may be.

But I would counsel you to read a little more carefully. Regarding the little girl in Chief Master Sargeant John Gebhardt‘s arms, you wrote:

Incidently, if you would like to see more on this little girl, here it
is: .

That’s from “Urban Legends Reference Pages,” but then you probably
don’t believe anything that an American tells you unless they are of
“Liberal Democrats.”

It is true that Snopes – a wonderful website indeed – investigates urban legends. But I am quite aware of how Snopes works, which perhaps you may not know so well.

After having Chief Master Sargeant John Gebhardt‘s name in clear, large letters, the website writes:

Claim: Photograph shows a U.S. soldier comforting an injured Iraqi child.

What you perhaps did not read is:

Status: True.

This means that the claim is true. In other words, the photograph and the story behind it are true. Not that this matters to you, as you would dismiss this as yet another American propaganda site.

To my friends who support America (some of whom may not be Americans themselves): Ignore the ranting and rambling of these fools. Paying attention to them will only unnecessarily raise your blood pressure. Why, were I conspiracy-minded, I might think these idiots were planted by the pharmaceutical industry to drive up their anti-hypertensives sales. But the truth is that these people are blind to reality and to common sense.

These people let us know what kind our opponents are. In other words: we cannot reason with them. We should realize how we’re clearly intellectually and rationally superior, and so not waste time on them.



  1. geoff said,

    What does “you are the wolf with the leather of a bee” mean?

  2. S. Weasel said,

    Hm. What a mess. But I think, reading Wolf’s comment, that he’s on the right side, he just expressed himself very badly. The big, ugly chunk at the front is a quote of Rochonf’s nonsense, which I think he was trying to refute. So the Snopes link was in support of the picture.

    But pretty impenetrablely written. Language is all we got to work with here, people. Use it carefully.

  3. blackflag said,

    Evening Muslihuun. Had a spat of troll infestation did you, I have to give you credit for patience. I had a particularly vile woman crap on several threads on veterans day, including the ever popular over use of punctuation (!!11!!1!!1).

    As I told her, I removed her comments for sock puppeting mostly but I believe in “freedom of speech with accountabiltiy” which is far different than the typical moonbats definition of “freedom of speech”.


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