geoff: why he became interested in Russia and China’s combination against America

November 19, 2006 at 4:22 am (Blogs, China, Cold War II, Russia, The United States, US Government)

Because I found it edifying, I thought I would post a comment by geoff of Uncommon Misconceptions in one of my posts about Russia, China, Pakistan, et cetera:

I started the Russia/China/Iran series because I was trying to figure out how to apply economic sanctions to Iran. I did some reading about Russia and China because I wanted to determine how difficult it would be to get them to abandon Iran’s cause in the UN. That’s when I first fathomed how much the geopolitical landscape had shifted since the early 90’s, and how far along the anti-US alliances had come.

That epiphany made me very concerned about our strategy in Iraq, which seems doomed to failure unless the global power struggle is addressed. It also made me moderately concerned about the long-term fate of the US.

Your posts are elevating my concern in both areas. I take some comfort from your hints that people are working the problem, but as far as I can tell we haven’t even slowed the progress of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, let alone reversed it.

One question: If Musharraf ’s government falls, would that give the UN enough justification to invade Pakistan as a continuation of the pursuit of the Taliban and Al Qaeda? Right now he’s ostensibly cooperating, so we can’t touch Pakistan. Would we be better off if the government of Pakistan wasn’t cooperating?

Not that the American people have the stomach for that fight, of course.

(geoff‘s question and some of his statements were addressed in the previos post.)


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