The People of America have made their choices

November 8, 2006 at 3:12 pm (The United States, US Government)

The People of The United States have, through those who voted yesterday, voiced their opinions and have elected those whom they wish to govern them. For better or for worse, they have voted such that Democrats have control (nominal as it may be) of The House of Representatives and possibly The Senate.

We must accept these results, as unpleasant as some of us may think them to be, with dignity and quiet resignation. Where voter fraud may have occured, we should, insofar as it is proper, seek to have it addressed. But we should not for a moment think any election was “stolen” or that the American People are wrong or astray or stupid.

The voice of the People is always legitimate, even though we may think its choices to be ill-advised. I have always detested ignoring this vital point, especially when some claim that the American People are stupid when the American People do not vote according that person’s desires or preferences. The American People are not stupid. We conservatives/libertarians/et cetera are, after all, part of the American People.

We can spend days and weeks analyzing why people voted the way they did, what message the People are trying to send, and so on and so forth. But let us lay aside such complicated matters. What has happened has happened. Let us look, as we always should, to the future.


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  1. Christopher Taylor said,

    Wise words, and an excellent take on the situation. I disagree with this choice, but I understand the reasons and this is the election we have. We’re grown ups here, and we deal with the world we have, not with the world we want (that’s one big reason I’m a conservative and not a liberal any more).

    Now we have work to do, so let’s get to work.

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