Shooting down fallacies in the political sphere

November 7, 2006 at 9:36 pm (Amusement, Blogs, Leftist idiocy, Personal, The Left, The United States)

In “Whitler Lives!” by Frank J. of IMAO, Frank J. informs us about a new post by someone named Bill Whittle: “SEEING THE UNSEEN Part 1” at Eject! Eject! Eject!. I do not believe I have ever been to his blog, but on Frank J.‘s recommendation (and based on what information he provides in his post), I decided to go over and read what this person had to say. Surely, if Frank J. is a fan, he must be good.

I was not disappointed.

In his post, Bill Whittle points out common logical fallacies that tend to circulate in the political plane of The United States. He not only points them out but also explains why they are false.

I deeply appreciate one point in particular: how Bill Whittle demonstrates how President George W. Bush is not an idiot and, as a matter of fact, can be considered to be quite skilled and smart. I agree President Bush may not sound smart, but how he sounds does not indicate to us how smart he may really be.

(Of course, anyone who says President Bush is stupid/dumb/et cetera based on his lack of articulateness is really engaging in very offensive thinking. Is this to say that everyone who cannot speak English well is dumb? Is this to say that people with speech impediments are stupid? What about people with learning disabilities? What about people who cannot articulate themselves momentarily because of, say, low or high blood sugar? Are we going to use ability to articulate as a determinant for intelligence and smartness, other factors notwithstanding? For Democrats to use such an attack against President George W. Bush is highly alarming and offensive because of the corollaries one may draw from such logic. It is, in essence, inexcusable. And I say this as someone with a cousin who is somewhat autistic. He is smart, just differently-abled (as the PC expression that is current may express it). If someone said he was dumb because of his mental issues, I’d think that person, in turn, is truly the stupid and dumb and idiotic one.)

As you can see, this argument gets me really worked up. This is one reason I try not to confront it too much: no matter how much I may argue, I can’t convince anyone of his/her errors if he/she is unwilling to be convinced.

Nevertheless, do read Bill Whittle‘s post, “SEEING THE UNSEEN Part 1” at Eject! Eject! Eject!. I thank Bill Whittle for writing it, and I thank Frank J. for recommending it. I look forward to Part 2 of Bill Whittle‘s post.


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