“Liberal” versus “leftist”

November 7, 2006 at 11:09 pm (The Left, The Right)

We conservatives, libertarians, and other forms of Republicans are, for the most part, liberal. We are for open markets, capitalism, civil rights, and small government. Some Democrats are liberals too. We should not use “liberal” as an offensive word, although many on the dexteroblogosphere are wont to do so (including myself, for which I am ashamed). No, we need to realize that we are, indeed, liberals.

Those whom many accuse of liberalism are really progressives and socialists. They are not liberals: they are leftists. There’s a very clear difference between liberals and leftists.

Differing opinions or perspectives on this are more than welcome.

Sidenote: I find it a bit amusing that the “spectrum” of politics from right to left seems to come together under totalitarianism (the extreme right) and state socialism (the extreme left; note that this is different from democratic socialism, which is to the right of state socialism; as an example, the Scandinavian states are democratic socialist while the USSR was state socialist). So, the extremes of both sides are bad and, at a certain point, one cannot tell them apart.


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  1. dicentra said,

    So, the extremes of both sides are bad and, at a certain point, one cannot tell them apart.

    Actually, this is a common fallacy. The spectrum ranges from totalitarianism at one end to anarchy at the other. The question is “how much should government control?”

    The Nazis were on the same end of the spectrum as the Communists because they both preached total government control. They are erroneously identified as right-wing because they were into nationalism and racism, which the LEFT likes to associate with conservatives. “Nazis” is a contration of “National Socialists,” after all.

    What the Dems and Repubs in the US argue about is what the government should control. Each party wants the government to promote its pet virtues and outlaw its pet vices. The Dems want to outlaw racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and spend money on social programs such as welfare. The Repubs want the government to outlaw abortion, drug use, sexual misconduct, etc., and spend money on the military.

    The LEFT, on the other hand, wants the country to move toward Euro-style socialism, whereas the RIGHT, exemplified in this example by Liberatarians, wants the country to have smaller government and fewer laws.

    Totalitarianism > US Government > Anarchy is the spectrum, not Socialism > Democracy > Fascism.

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