Leftist opponents: understanding them

November 7, 2006 at 10:54 pm (Idiots, Leftist idiocy, Military, The Left, The Right, The United States, US Government, War)

I would like to draw my readers’ attention to a comment left by dicentra (of Dicentra’s Garden, which, I must admit, is a nice blog indeed) to my post about claims people make regarding Bush and the veracity of his claims. dicentra said:

Wow. What in Sam Hill is up with the previous comment?

Anyway, Musli, the thing is that the Left

a) does not give a tinker’s dam what the real meaning of the word “lie” is. “Bush Lied, People Died” makes a nifty bumperstiker and protest slogan. “Bush Might Have Equivocated, Rendering His Strongest Argument for Invading Iraq Moot” isn’t terse enough, nor is it damning enough.

(As you said, “We even impeached a president recently because he lied.” There’s the smoking gun: we got their guy for lying, so they’re going to get our guy on anything that might have a semblance of falsehood. Tit for tat. Truth isn’t an issue.)

b) will not ever, ever support the Iraq war. Even if we were to uncover a stadium full of fully armed nukes in Baghdad, they would find another reason to condemn Bush the war. There is no way to persuade them with facts because their own arguments are not based on facts. They’re based on emotions, and their strongest emotion is loathing of Bush.

It galls me no end how many lies are told and believed in this world. Would that we could invoke that little kid’s wish in Liar, Liar and force the entire world to tell the truth.

I’d pay to see that. I’d give my house, my car, and every last one of my worldly possessions, plus a kidney, a lung lobe, a chunk of my liver, a bag of bone marrow, and a quart of blood, to see it.

There are a number of points here that even I tend to forget every now and then. She is quite correct: the issue isn’t truth or falsehood, it’s delegitimizing Bush. We should keep this in mind so we don’t lead ourselves astray in thinking we can do or say anything to change Bush’s opponents’ rhetoric. Rather, we should focus more on matters that are really important, realizing that idiotic Leftists will oppose us (and those whom we support) no matter what. It has to do with ideology and ignoring reality for its sake.

I intended to post her comment the moment I read it, but really got to it after coming across “I Finally Have to Ask…” by Frank J. of IMAO. Bush never lied, and so asking what he lied about is useless, but no answer to this question can satisfy the Leftist canard that Bush lied. In other words, they will believe he lied, whether he did or not, as dicentra illuminated.


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  1. James said,

    Even if we were to uncover a stadium full of fully armed nukes in Baghdad, they would find another reason to condemn Bush the war….

    Did we uncover a stadium full of fully armed nukes?

    Of course we will never, ever support the Iraq War. EVER. Because what you suggest would never happen, and most of the World knew this beforehand. Ties to Al-Qaeda…..that’s called a LIE. Framing the War in the context of 9.11, saying that Saddam had something to do with 9.11….that’s a lie. A war that instead took away resources from justified Wars like Afghanistan, where legitimate reasons existed, where connections to 9.11 existed….a war that funneled huge amounts of money that could have been used for massive intelligence operations….this is a war we will never, ever support.

    A war based on lies and deception.

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