Isaac Schrödinger: please help an ally of The West

November 6, 2006 at 5:42 am (Arabic, Blogs, Islam, Islamism, Middle East, Pakistan, Persian, Personal, South Asia, The West, War)

I composed a post, then had a realization, and am now rewriting it. To be upfront: I am asking my readers – those who are willing and who can – to kindly consider making a donation to Isaac Schrödinger‘s defense fund.

(To make a donation, go to Isaac Schrödinger‘s blog, Isaac Schrödinger, and click on thew PayPal link on to upper right.)

(To learn more about Isaac Schrödinger and his case, read his detailed post “Fear and Loathing in The Land of the Pure”. As a point of reference, “The Land of the Pure” refers to the translation of “Pakistan” (پاکستان, pākistān): (پاک, pāk, Persian for “pure”) and (اِستان, istān, Persian suffix meaning “land” or “region”).)

Before I launch into a long lecture as to why I think his cause is so important, I wanted to say that I realized that it would have been ridiculous to ask my kind readers to do something if I were not prepared to step up to the same challenge. I have done my part, and now I ask that if you can, please consider making a donation to Isaac Schrödinger‘s defense fund.

For those who may not be aware of this, Isaac Schrödinger is a blogger who came to The West (specifically, Canada). He is of Pakistani origin, and has lived in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (ألمملكة العربية السعودية, al-mamlakah al-‛arabiyyah as-sa‛ūdiyyah) and in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان, islāmi jamhūriyah pākistān). These very facts position him as someone well-poised to inform us about the mindsets, paradigms, comments, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and allegiances of Saudis and Pakistanis. Understanding Saudis and Pakistanis in this manner is important for us in the war between The West and Islamism, especially since Saudis and Pakistanis make up a very large chunk of the Islamist and/or pro-Islamist population throughout the world.

But more than the above, Isaac Schrödinger is an apostate, meaning that he has renounced Islam. This is crucial because this allows him to be well-poised to reveal to us a lot of information on Islam and Muslims, information that may not be known or that may be hidden. Muslims, who would best know this information, may at the very least be reluctant to come forth with this information because of how it tarnishes Islam, Islam’s image, Muslims, Muslims’ image (and thereby, one’s own self and one’s own image). As such, Muslims are most often unable or unwilling to be as frank and revelatory (insofar as information about Islam and Muslims is concerned) as we need them to be. An apostate from Islam knows what a Muslim knows, having been a Muslim, but being an apostate has no more need to preserve, honor, reverenve, venerate, protect, or misrepresent Islam or Muslims or their images; an apostate has no stake any more in Islam, Muslims, and their images.

If one adds up the qualifications of the above two paragraphs, it becomes clear that a person like Isaac Schrödinger is extremely crucial for The West. And I can go on and include arguments about how it is our duty as Westerners to assist someone like him who loves, has embraced, and desires to help The West, but this should be evident without further need for commentary.

I will say, in addition to the above, that Isaac Schrödinger‘s staying in The West is not simply a matter of embracing, loving, and assisting The West. These are not the sole reasons why he is seeking asylum. This is also a matter of Isaac Schrödinger‘s survival. The information that Muslims are loathe to reveal will not be allowed to be revealed by one in the Muslims’ midst. So either Isaac Schrödinger braves their murderous wrath or he becomes silent. For us in The West, either option is utterly unacceptable. Furthermore, his silencing – in either way – will deprive us of a sorely needed resource. For all the talk about strategeries and human intelligence and “understanding Muslims”, allowing Isaac Schrödinger to leave would be an immense mistake by The West, and one which may backfire on us quite sorely. Indeed, The West ought to form a policy to assist providing asylum and/or sanctuary to those who have desired to leave The East and assist The West in this great clash. The West so easily grants asylum to those who seek it out of fear of persecution for political or religious reasons; so much more ought we to reach out and help those who escape and then desire to help us. Trust me, there are too few immigrants (of any type, including those here for asylum) who seek to help us back.

I have been very, very pleased by the support Isaac Schrödinger has received from so many blogs and bloggers. As this is a cause I strongly believe in, this makes me quite proud. I do not consider this to be a cause concerning Isaac Schrödinger; because he and I are pro-Western apostates of South Asian origin (and as such are part of The West’s arsenal in the war being waged against The West and Western civilization), this is a case in which I take personal interest. It is as if I have a personal stake in his case. His victory will not be his alone: it will be a victory for all of us in The West. Similarly, his loss will be our painful loss.

You can help him by making a donation, by mentioning him on your blog, by praying for him and his case, or even by appreciating in your heart and mind his case. How you choose to assist him – if you do choose to help him – is up to you, and will be between you and him, between you and He who knows all (if you believe in Him). This post has been written not only to solicit (as it were) support for Isaac Schrödinger but also to make others aware of his case and situation.

To all of you: Thank you very much. I deeply appreciate anything you have done for Isaac Schrödinger, anything you may intend to do, and anything you may do. And even if you decide not to do anything, I thank you and appreciate your letting me take up your time with this rambling post. God bless you all. (For everyone, including those who do not believe in God:) I wish and hope for the best for you and your loved ones, wherever they may be.



  1. ideogkoncept said,

    For support of all, against Islamism: “Seal of liberty”

    Action against totalitarianism – “Seal of liberty”

  2. John Van Laer said,

    Thank you, Muslihooon, for an excellent post. I would like to point out that anyone who wants to help Isaac with his legal fees to secure refugee status should get cracking. He is within $95 Canadian of meeting the goal of $2500, so there are not many Brownie points left to pick up. Of course, there will always be good reason to support his blog, so the goal of @2500 for the lawyer is just a start.

  3. John Van Laer said,

    Oops! That was “goal of $2500” obviously.

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