Proud of the Cheneys; ashamed of CNN

November 5, 2006 at 5:15 am (Fox News, Idiots, Iraq, Military, News, The Left, The Media, The Right, The United States, US Government, War, Websites)

I just watched a video on YouTube of Second Lady Dr. Cheney when she went on CNN, meeting with Wolf Blitzer, ostensibly to talk about her book (which I assume is Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America). She did an excellent job. I found out about this video by watching a video of Vice President Cheney at “Cheney On Kerry” by Dan Riehl of Riehl World View. In turn, I found out about Dan Riehl‘s video at “Hitchens on Kerrygate” by AllahPundit of Hot Air.

I must say, seeing both videos has justified my admiration for the Cheneys. Strong people, and principled too.

But Dr. Cheney mentioned something that I have yet to comment on: CNN’s airing of a video of terrorists attacking members of The Armed Forces of The United States.

To begin with, which anyone who has been reading my blog for some time might know, I do not trust any of the mainstream media news organizations with the exception of Fox News.

Nevertheless, as sad as it may be, other networks, such as BBC and CNN, still have a mantle of respectability and integrity – both of which are ridiculous and in no way reflective of the news networks – which make them popular and accepted worldwide. As such, some people would be more wont to believe something on BBC and CNN, for example, than on Fox News. But it is obvious to me that the news on major networks, such as BBC and CNN, are spun, meaning that they are interpreted and presented in a certain fashion to advance a certain paradigm.

I cannot find any justification for CNN to air the video that it did. I find it interesting that Blitzer completely ignored Dr. Cheney‘s question regarding where they got the video from after Blitzer said it was not a terrorist propaganda movie. Only an idiot would believe that such “snuff films” are not propaganda pieces. For that matter, such videos are quite common indeed among those communities that support or agree with the terrorists. These videos are not news; they have no relevance whatsoever to anyone’s greater understanding of the situation in Iraq.

Of course, there’s a clear reason why CNN aired this video. Setting aside suspicions of anti-American propaganda, the basic fact is that blood and gore sells. As much as people would be disgusted, people would be drawn to watch it. As CNN is the only major news network to air such material, the number of people consulting or watching or visiting CNN would increase. As the song goes, it’s all about the Benjamins.1

Having said that, suspicions about CNN’s dedication to The United States and their victory in foreign military engagements seem to be justified considering CNN’s stridently arrogant and selfish stance that airing the video was not in any way improper. So either CNN is anti-American or stupid.

I, for one, cannot accept this decision by CNN. But I am not surprised they made such a decision and, all things considered, it won’t affect me as I don’t watch CNN as a matter of principle anyway. Fox News is the only news network I watch or go to if I have to go to a major news network. And from the increasing popularity, acceptability, and audience of Fox News, it does seem that many people are doing something about their disaffection with the news networks of legacy media (thanks to Christopher Taylor for having explained “legacy media” on his blog, Word Around the Net) by abandoning networks such as BBC and CNN for more balanced networks as Fox News or Sky News (in The United Kingdom).

In ending, I would like express my gratitude for Fox News and Sky News and most especially for Vice President Cheney, Second Lady Dr. Cheney, and their daughter Mary Claire Cheney – all of whom are powerful, principled, and longsuffering proponents of The Government, of The Republican Party, and of a stronger, better United States of America. God bless them all.

1. For non-Americans: a picture of President Benjamin Franklin is on The United States’ one hundred-dollar bill note. A “Benjamin” refers, therefore, to a one hundred-dollar bill note.


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  1. Cheryl Shand said,

    Amen. Thank goodness for Fox News. Long, long, long live Fox News!

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