Cluster bombs

November 3, 2006 at 7:21 am (Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Military, The Media, War)

The Jerusalem Report (by The Jerusalem Post) has an article on the use of cluster bombs by Israeli Defense Forces (Ina Friedman, “Deadly Remnants”, The Jerusalem Report issue for November 13, 2006 / Heshvan 22, 5767, pp. 20-22.)

This article is nothing but dreck.

Nu, is The Jerusalem Report going to publish a similarly scathing article on Hezbollah’s use of cluster bombs?

The Human Rights Watch was horrified to find out that Hezbollah used cluster bombs against Israeli targets in the Israel-Hezbollah war earlier this year. Now, the Human Rights Watch is one of those silly leftist outfits, so if they admit this then Hezbollah has sinned indeed.

So, both sides used cluster bombs. One side targeted militant targets (which, by the way, were deliberately established in proximity to residential areas) while the other launched them willy-nilly. (Just so we all are on the same page: the former refers to the Israeli Defense Forces while the latter refers to Hezbollah.)

Nu, where’s the outcry against Hezbollah? Or is it that people already expect Hezbollah to act like demons so they feel no need to raise any voice in protest?

Feh. Leave Israel alone; or, if one is going to tackle Israel, let him/her also tackle Hezbollah, Fatah, Hamas, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Iran, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, with equal venom.


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  1. blackflag said,

    The cluster-bomb issue is nothing but media hype, the same goes for all the bitching about white-phosporous weapons and fuel-air exsplosives. I’ve worked with all of the above first hand and they are accepted weapons of warfare.

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