The goodness of US soldiers » John Gebhardt and little Iraqi girl


  1. y7 said,


  2. Megan said,

    That’s so sweet…..

  3. robert said,


  4. Rochonf said,

    Goodness?… Cry?… you make me laugh!.

    I am sorry, my friend. How can we know she is not died?. How can we know she has no bullet between her eyes?. How can we know

    Put your goodness deep inside in your asshole. You are just another CRIMINAL, a wolf with the leather of a bee. You and the USA soldiers like you, rising terrorists, enshitting everything you touch. You, and other bastards like you, and those criminals like Cheney and Bush, and Condy, and Rumsfeld, you brought the hell to Earth.

    HERE YOU HAVE the REAL pictures that people keeps in their minds. All around you, all around the whole World that you destroy decade after decade, this is your real INHERITANCE.

    Go to your OWN home and stay with your family, stop violating, stop killing, stop abusing. Just stay at your damned home and live there many years. Once more, we have to say those famous words: Yankee, go home!.

    • JM said,

      Well, somebody once told me that generalizing one crime to a whole population is very bad. Like generalizing Al Qaeda to all muslims. Or generalizing all goat intercourse for that matter. Same here: it’s not because some cowboys misbehave terribly bad in Abu Graib, that this guy doesn’t care about that little girl.

      No, she doesn’t have a bullet in her head, but a severe head wound. Her family was murdered, by “so-called muslim” rebels for your information, and they tried to kill her too.

  5. nicevil said,

    Rochonf, I see that you are a person who has suffered.

    You are angry at the unfairness of the world.

    How innocents are killed for seemingly no reasons at all.

    You see yourself as the opressed minority. And you feel that you have the responsibility and the right to make the majority realize about the truth and help make the world a better place.

    That is a good thing.

    Go for it. But do not, ever, let hatred control you.

    We are all still human. Are you really that blinded with hatred and anger that you cannot even see a small child sleeping in the arms of a U.S. soldier ?

    Is it really such a bad thing to accept small happiness in times of war ?

    It is this very hatred and anger that stems more hatred and anger.

  6. Bob said,

    rosnhof or however you spell your fucking name, why cant you accept the fact that one soldier could be good? have you personally met every soldier? youre just fucking crazy, that incident happend along time ago. if you take that as a generalization of an entire nation, then should we use the terrorist attacks on the subways, the WTCs and others as a generalization of thier home countries? because youre making it seem that way

  7. Bob said,

    also, why is it always crazy fucks like you saying this? i havent seen anyone say that anything pro-american was a lie, its always, americans are fucking shit heads, they like killing, ive never heard anyone ever say “this isnt how it looks” or not cuss the crap out of a board to make americans look bad

  8. curtis lemay said,

    Put that tinfoil on tight rochonfdickinhismouth, don’t want those eeevvvvvviiiiiiillllllllll Americanos to come get you! What a fuckstick, you sound like you enjoy fellating waterbuffalos. I suppose living in that shithole you come from is punishment enough.

  9. chocmint said,

    If you tar everyone with the same brush all you do continue the bitterness and hatred for ever.

    Intelligent people from all sides simply stop, and begin anew. This is not sustainable, for anyone, and abuse for abuse’s sake has never achieved anything.

    I am an Australian who is disgusted at the behavious of our government in many areas, I look at decision the Americans make with bewilderment and, being of British descent, am not surprised by what Britain does. Our history is a bit tainted in that department!

    But this has nothing to do with the people themselves. Those who propogate the hatred and will not learn, no matter what, are feeding the war mongers on bth sides and giving them what they want.

    This isn’t rocket science boys.

    The Americans cannot win a war in Iraq.

    Iraq cannot win a war against the Americans.

    This is all “he said she said rubbish straight from the world’s playgrounds, except the kds are big kids now playing nasty toys and real people get hurt.

    High time we evolved!

    Oh, and Rochonf , don’t go on like that mate. You just sound silly.

  10. Anonymous said,


    Fuck you.

    That’s all I have to say.

  11. Rochonf said,

    Don’t worry, Curtis. I hope your government corrects soon their mistake and withdraw soon their troops back home. Everybody deserves peace, happyness and long life, Curtis, even you.

  12. Rochonf said,

    Go on like what, Chocmint?. Aren’t you able of specifying, Chocmint?. You want to draw a veil over it so they don’t learn anything?, wouldn’t be better to take profit of it and learn something?… Or is the proud again, your proud?. I am not that proud, please, show me something new, give me the lesson, I don’t want to be the silly here, and I don’t to waste this chance I got with you.

  13. Dex said,

    “Put your goodness deep inside in your asshole. You are just another CRIMINAL, a wolf with the leather of a bee. You and the USA soldiers like you, rising terrorists, enshitting everything you touch. You, and other bastards like you, and those criminals like Cheney and Bush, and Condy, and Rumsfeld, you brought the hell to Earth.”

    Right. There was no war before Bush was elected. Let’s all remember that. Everybody just flew kites and was happy.

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  15. Rochonf said,

    Curtis… are you afraid?… are you scared of something?… are you one of those non identified yet torturing boys?… are you nervous?…

  16. DIZ said,


  17. jim said,

    aside from the bitter, angry back and forth on this blog, please step back for a minute and realize that assuming this story is true, it is but a touching moment from the awful aftermath of an unjust war.

    if president bush had not lied to congress about WMD, he would never have had the authority to go to war in iraq, there would be no insurgency, and this poor little girl’s family would still be ALIVE.

    beware you do not fall prey to radical right wing propaganda that blurs the lines between supporting the troops and supporting the war.

    they are, in fact, 2 very different things.

    now, assuming this story is true, let’s find the publication this picture ran in. i have been searching the internet for an hour and have yet to find the source. yes it’s true that this man exists, that he is in the air force, and he was at one time holding a little girl. but there is absolutely no news story to cooberate the caption below the picture, nor is there any evidence to suggest that the picture and caption were ever printed in a legitimate (non-blog, non-government) news publication.

    now, to address those of you who buy into the “this is why we’re over there” argument:
    our (u.s.) military does not have the authority to go around the world saving countries. it is not our job. the only reason we were authorized to be in iraq was to topple a goverment with that supported anti-us interests before they could fully develop WMD. that’s not even getting into the unspoken reasons (special interests, i.e. oil) for which we chose iraq (considering there are several other countries that meet both of the above criteria, iran and north korea, for example.)

    i strongly suggest watching the documentary “why we fight”. it is readily available at blockbuster. it is an enlightening view of the world from the perspective of dwight “Ike” eisenhower, john mccain, and several retired pentagon and other government and military personnel. it also has a touching story about a man in new york who lost his son in the current conflict.

  18. gma said,

    The picture is very poignant.

    The Iraqi insurgents/terrorists/militias or whatever killing one another is disgusting. Didn’t the citizens suffer enough under the murderous reign of saddam and his cronies??? And why do they kill one another?? Esp children?? It is easy to see the sutures on the back of this innocent childs head. there is also another picture of Sgt
    Gebhardt with another child elsewhere on the net, just Google his name.

    These children are why we should work together for democracy around the world. it is the children who suffer , needlessly, in any conflict. It is the children who are the future of this world and whose hearts are ready for love and understanding. It is the children who can be taught that love and freedom are worth fighting for.

    Thank you for this photo. Our soldiers for the most part are like this man-loving, caring, kind and giving.

  19. Becky said,

    I got on this website through a search for this picture of Gebhardt with the child. I don’t know why I kept reading the comments…I guess to see if anyone knew when it was taken, whether the story was true, etc… But once again I’m just so disheartened by the kind of hate-filled language being posted. It’s not wonder we can’t stop fighting. I remember now why I don’t spend much time on these type of comment pages.

  20. Adana said,

    This story not only looks real as of Nov 6th……
    But there is another one that he’s featured in concerning a child dated 06/10/06.

  21. Louis said,

    The picture aired on NBC at noon 11-7. It was from an e-mail to Gebhardt’s wife.There is still a lot of good going on in iraq, right along with the bad.

  22. Sissy said,

    Loved Becky comment—I was just trying to find out info on the photo too–
    and was amazed at all the distasteful language…… sad for all of us.
    Chocmint—great comments—-last sentence to Rochonf—-PRICELESS !

  23. Rochonf said,

    MMmmmm… yes, Sissy, you are right.

    I DO NOT share by any way your viewpoints. But I recognize that my way of talking has been very distasteful, and I should not use that sort of words. Is the rage, and the pain, for all things you laugh at with that hartful proud that makes me go crazy.

    I know this is not the way to solve things, nor to convince anybody. I want to say that those words are not the one that you all deserve, but I want you to know that some of your mates are involved in crimes against humanity and I hope they pay for that. It’s a pity to see that you don’t condemn such unhuman behaviours publicly.

    I hope that now, with this new government, they are going to allow you to see what you really have done in that war, the things that the kidnapped and afraid media couldn’t tell before.

    I can not understand how can you pay so much attention to the form of my words (yes, offensive words, I know) than to the content of the things you have done. That is just hypocrisy and ignorance, seasoned with proud.

    You are not the Police of the World. Never forget.

  24. MssLindaLee said,

    You want to talk about ignorance, Rochonf, then I suggest you look in the mirror. Your words may have changed, but the hatred in your voice is still there. Our soldiers are decent, hard-working men and woman who have chosen to fight for people who have had to live in fear and oppression all their lives. Are you a soldier? I doubt it. I know soldiers; my father is an Air Force veteran. You and the people like you think you’re so high and mighty when you don’t know nothing about our military. You’re nothing but a coward who has nothing better to do than to criticize good men and women who are putting their lives on the line everyday to give people freedom. So, unless you want to come out of your little ignorant bubble and see these men and women for the good people they really are, then shut the hell up.

  25. kc said,

    Ronchoff and others. Lots of anger. Bush and America and Allies tried to do good. The Middle could become like Germany and Japan. But it won’t because Muslims hate other Muslims and blame it on America, Israel, etc. America will soon leave Iraq, unable to achieve the goal of giving you a chance, and then you can continue to kill each other and oppress women until another dictator like Saddam rises to rule with an iron hand.

    It is all so sad. Good Americans have died for you. Sure there were some bad Americans, but there are bad apples in every barrel. I expect America will pull back to the Kurdish areas and add strength to Afganistan, leaving the Sunnis and Shia’s to fight for another thousand years.

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  27. Richard Romano said,

    A beautiful photo for sure–God bless this soldier; I hope he seeks to adopt her, what a beautiful story that would be.

    The photo is also a clear indictment on the left wing idiocy of people like Rochonf, who is so detached from reality that it may indicate his need for medication. It’s sad.

  28. BU2 Seabee said,

    One thing that I find somewhat humorous nearly every time there is a discussion of America’s involvement in the world. It is almost guaranteed that someone from the left makes the statement that the U.S. is not the workl police or it is not our job to police the world or something along those lines. To anyone who has said this or anyone who might say this in the future, I have a question. If we are not the world police (and trust me, I don’t think we should be) then why in the hell is it that anytime there is unrest or a problem somewhere in the world our door is the first door that people come knocking on to get involved? Why are our actions only critisized when we act in the interest of our own security? Answer me both of those questions. If I ever hear a good reason why we should only use our national power in the interest of other nations and never our own then I might consider lending credence to your arguments. Until I hear some kind of answer to those questions then I think people need to take for granted that the U.S. is going to act as every other nation does. We will take action in situations that concern our interests and our security and we will ignore actions that do not. Simple as that.

  29. BU2 Seabee said,

    Oh, and add to that last… PIMF… damned typos…

  30. S. Weasel said,

    Anybody else remember the good ol’ days, before September 11, when Europeans all had their panties in a bunch because they thought Bush was going to be an isolationist and never step outside America’s shores? Unlike Clinton, who meddled in countries all over the world “making them better” or something?


    They don’t really want us to go home. They just want us to do what they tell us to.

  31. Rochonf said,

    You, brainwashed people, can you understand that you can not (must not, should not, ought not to) invade foreign countries?. After that crime commited, anything you do is just illegal.

    Great day for Europe, true Democracy and Mankind.

    Some of you reading here should be concerned about it, perhaps some of you would have to face Justice too if you step European ground. And hey!, Rumsfeld decided not to come to Europe at the last minute.

    Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse

    A lawsuit in Germany will seek a criminal prosecution of the outgoing Defense Secretary and other U.S. officials for their alleged role in abuses at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo“.

    Don’t forget that Rumsfeld and those “good boys” you talk about were doing this (of course, no reason for anger!):

    You can read the wide the article here:,8599,1557842,00.html

    There you have your first lesson, Rumsfeld the first one. The whole World hopes you learn something from it, you really need it.

  32. Kelly Watson said,

    My Brother John is holding that baby girl the picture is real . I am so very proud of him .I am also proud of all the men and women that serve this great nation .
    Thank You ,Love You John

  33. SRHIMA said,

    I think that rather than arguing with this dude, Rochonf, we should just ignore him.

    He will never understand how we feel about our country, its people or the world.

  34. BU2 Seabee said,

    I second SRHIMA, in a way. Of course Rochonf is never going to admit to the validity of our point of view (remember, the important thing is to understand, so long as both sides of a debate understand the validity of the other side then there can be progress made). Also, notice how he/she completely ignored the two questions I asked (yes Rochonf, those questions were basically directed to you).

    However, even if you know the person you are debating is going to refuse to even admit the validity of what you are saying you still have to counter what they say so others can eventually realize that they refuse to be reasoned with.

    Anyway, another two questions for Rochonf then…

    First, tell me what exactly it is that you are showing us in the picture I have seen you post twice now? All I see is a detainee being interrogated. Is he being made uncomfortable by being bound up and having his head covered? Uhm… YEAH, I doubt he’d give anything up if we just asked nicely. But realize, using a technique such as that does not produce any kind of lasting trauma, either physically or mentally. Once he gives up what we want to know or it can be confirmed that he doesn’t know what we want to find out, then he would be let down sent back to his cell. The stress of the interrogation would probably be gone before they even got him back to his cell.

    Second, do you really think this kind of treatment even comes with in the ballpark of what I could expect if I were taken prisoner (not that I’d let that happen, I’m of a mind to always save the last round for myself if it comes to that) by whatever faction that prisoner represents? Of course, this question also depends on whether or not they decide to decapitate me outright, too.

    The point here is that, yes, a few of the guards at Abh Ghraib did something they were not supposed to do. But, the reason for that misconduct is not what you think. The misconduct was because it was a few guards who did things that it was not their place to do. Had a trained interrogator done the same things for the purpose of gathering information then it would have been a nonissue, they would have been doing their job.

  35. Anonymous said,

    Kelly , what is going to happen to that little girl? Do you have any information on her status? Can you email me directly? Thank you

  36. The Den Mother said,

    Jim: “if president bush had not lied to congress about WMD, he would never have had the authority to go to war in iraq, there would be no insurgency, and this poor little girl’s family would still be ALIVE.”

    Sigh. Jim, I realize that it is immensely painful for you to acknowledge that the Congress saw the same intelligence Bush saw. They saw the same intelligence the United Nations Security Council saw. They saw the same intelligence that other countries saw independent of what the United States had gathered. And as you know, despite the fact that Fat Man and Little Boy were not found loaded into the bomb bay of an Iraqi military aircraft, Saddam Hussain had neither destroyed nor declared nor dismantled the plans, programs, or actual weapons he had.

    But if you insist that Congressional Democrats are so inept that they can be so easily deceived by the raving idiot you believe Bush to be, then who am I to argue with you?

  37. TheHatLady said,

    I did not know that this BLOG was to be about ROCHONF_ _ _. I thought it was to be about the little girl. Enough bickering, this doesn’t get anyone anywhere; much less name calling, because that just incites more hatred and anger. For shame; don’t lower yourselves to their level; show them that we are better then them and that we can show reason…………THL

  38. TheHatLady said,


    Copy and past into your browser if you can’t open; you’ll be glad you did.

  39. FAITH said,



  40. Redeyed_Wolf said,

    [QUOTE]Rochonf said,
    October 24, 2006 at 6:34 pm

    Goodness?… Cry?… you make me laugh!.

    I am sorry, my friend. How can we know she is not died?. How can we know she has no bullet between her eyes?. How can we know

    Put your goodness deep inside in your asshole. You are just another CRIMINAL, a wolf with the leather of a bee. You and the USA soldiers like you, rising terrorists, enshitting everything you touch. You, and other bastards like you, and those criminals like Cheney and Bush, and Condy, and Rumsfeld, you brought the hell to Earth.

    HERE YOU HAVE the REAL pictures that people keeps in their minds. All around you, all around the whole World that you destroy decade after decade, this is your real INHERITANCE.

    Go to your OWN home and stay with your family, stop violating, stop killing, stop abusing. Just stay at your damned home and live there many years. Once more, we have to say those famous words: Yankee, go home!. [/QUOTE]

    Rochonf ,

    Keep this in mind that if we were the “uncaring criminals” that you imagine us to be, we have the “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” that can turn Iraq into very large rocky, irradiated parking lot — or a non-irradiated rocky parking lot.

    If we were as uncaring about human life as the radical Muslims who strap explosives around themselves before mercilessly killing men, women & children — there would have been an “Iraq-size” parking lot.

    Incidently, if you would like to see more on this little girl, here it is: .

    That’s from “Urban Legends Reference Pages,” but then you probably don’t believe anything that an American tells you unless they are of “Liberal Democrats.”

  41. mandy said,

    I agree with “TheHatLady”. She knows what it’s about. This blog is not about two nations’ “hate” for one another, it is about Sgt. John Gebhardt, and the amazing thing that he did. In reference to Rochonf, I DO NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST believe that Gebhardt is holding a dead Iraqi girl to promote the military. He is a kind soul with a caring heart. My father and many of my friends who have graduated from high school have gone off to serve this country. They too are not out to kill..that is not their goal. They hope to help a country that has been torn apart. Granted, America has not always made the right decisions, but no one can be right 100% of the time. As I start thinking about life after high school, I can only hope that there are more people like John Gebhardt in the world.

  42. mandy said,

    A related article was found at:


    This photo was featured in a Columbus, GA newspaper, circulated through Columbus and Ft. Benning (I should know..I get this paper!) Kelly should be very proud of your brother. As part of the medical group, his job is more importatn than ever!

  43. Laura said,

    I will not comment about rude statements made here as that fuels the fire and makes us no better then they are. I will also make no rude statements in retaliation because that simply makes my words meaningless.

    I am a Christian and as such have been taught throughout my life to love everyone, regardless of our differences. John has done exactly that by showing such compassion to a little girl who is so very different from him in her ethnicity. He is demonstrating through his love that we are all truly the same in our hearts and can love one another freely if we allow it.

    Not all Americans are hateful people and a lot of us really hate what is going on. I don’t think there is a single person that doesn’t know someone who has been killed while trying to instill democracy in a sometimes barbaric place. (And before my words are twisted, I mean barbaric as the insurgents who kill mercilessly as they did this poor child’s family.) Should we still be there? Maybe, maybe not. Should we come home? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t have the right answer…….no one does. All anyone can do is pray that the right answer is found and the proper course of action taken for the best outcome of both sides.

    Rochonf, I will pray for you. I hope your hardened heart will someday find peace. I hope you seek God, Allah, or whomever you put your faith in and pray to them for comfort.

    Kelly, may God bless your brother and the rest of your family. Tell him thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful person. If everyone in the world was like John then there wouldn’t be any wars.

    Also, if you have any more information on this little girl and what has happened since, that would be wonderful. Did she get adopted? Will she make a full recovery? I wish Americans could adopt all the children that have lost their families. What a wonderful way to show that we can love as much as many think we can hate.

  44. Deb said,

    The little girl’s parents were not killed as first reported. They were found in another hospital. One of the child’s relatives, a pharmacist, came to Balad and took her back to her family.

  45. Navy Mom Linda said,

    God bless John Gebhardt and this precious little girl. I pray that maybe one day they’ll get to see each other again when this is all over.

  46. Wina said,

    what is your intent Rochonf? does it satisfy you to stir people’s wraths and bring out the demons from within them? For if so, you are no better. Your kind, the kind whose hatred festers inside the soul, are the reason why there is so much violence in this world. I see your words only as an insight to your pathetic life…for which you can blame no one else other than yourself.

    what have YOU done to make this world a better place? huh? do I hear silence?

  47. Patrick Rothenburg said,

    I grew up with John and Kelly. They are good people. This is nothing new for John and anyone who knows him can attest to that. He looked out for me as a kid on more than one occasion. It does not surprise me to hear what John was doing. He is a “stand up” guy. If more people in the world were like him we wouldn’t have nearly as many problems with each other as we do now. He is an inspiration, not just for what he did in Iraq but how he goes about his daily life. With all the ugliness in the World, I think John and the little girls in the pictures represent the hope of a better tomorrow. Keep up the good work John!

  48. LK said,

    What a precious little girl, and what a good man. It’s sad that there are those out there who are so paranoid that they can’t just believe that someone could be kind to a child simply for the sake of being kind.

  49. Keith said,

    Chocmint – and to anyone else who believes the nonsense written here in comments:
    Apparently Australians have never experienced a 9/11 attack or have seen what the terrorists can do to their fellow countrymen, women and children. And apparently you are ignorant of the fact that we are not fighting the Iraqi – we are fighting terrorists who are trying to stop the reconstruction and destroy the new government the Iraq people have voted for (and endangering their lives to do so). And apparently you believe the propaganda that the Left (both American and internationally) that continues its strive to make the Iraqi operation look bad. Well, in a sense, it is a mess – for several reasons; but it doesn’t mean we quit and let the Iraqi people down. It means we step back and assess what has gone wrong and continue the effort to fight against those who oppress freedom and murder in the name of Allah.
    Those of us who have freedom and liberty must also help others achieve the same – if they are willing to fight and sacrifice for it, and for future generations. Apparently, you and like some here in America are selfish enough to believe that we only deserve freedom and liberty and that this is all about World War III – the War on Terrorism. So it involves all of us, even our friends and allies of Australia. I served with the “Aussie” troops and have deep respect for them and their nation and culture … it is a shame that people like you tarnish it. But, it is all, like I said, ignorance – you just don’t know any better. Climb out of the dark abyss of ignorance and quit being the sheep of the Left and see that things are not what they say or depict.

  50. NAVYVETGIRL said,

    I am sure there are many, many stories like this one. John seems like a wonderful man, and I’m thankful for what he’s done. AND it’s a beautiful photo, but I’m sure if you ask him, he’ll say he’s “just doing his job”. The bravest heros always do. Our troops are there to defend OUR freedom, and to try to give freedom to a people who have not been able to find it in themselves, ever. Whether we agree with the politics or not, we should know that every service member there found something deep within themselves to decide to serve and I hope they each are able to come away from their personal military experience with a memory like John now has. Please support the troops – our family – even if we don’t agree with everything else.

  51. Laura said,

    Rochonf, the comments you have made are extremely strong statements. Your opinion is yours to have. That’s a great thing about freedom of speech. However, if you feel the need to rant and rave on the subject, why not do so in response to something more appropriate. Although the war is terrible and awful, there are plenty of pictures that depict its uglyness. This one, however, allows us to see that even though there are so many terrible things going on, kindness is still alive.

  52. A soldier said,

    Rochonf in your own words above you said “Everybody deserves peace, happyness and long life, “. You are very right and you would not believe the pictures that soldiers come back with, from not only Iraq, showing what goes on there beyond what you see on TV and the politics. I have seen soldiers go not agreeing with things and come back, sad about the politics it has turned into, but very proud of what they have done because they have personally interacted with the very grateful individual citizens of that country. Grouping the actions and opinions of every soldier is wrong of you. Why do you call me a bastard do you know me, do you know my thoughts and opinions on all of this or do you simply know what job I have. We do not control decisions made above us. But yes I believe that everybody deserves peace, happyness and long life like you said. Guess what that is sadly not the case in many countries outside of the US and they try to make a difference. What is more sinful watching someone get tortured and trying to help or standing back and not even flinch to help.

    Again I am speaking from the soldiers point of view not the political point of view, we do not control that, and it saddens me that things tend to turn from humane to political. Even beyond that the mass amounts of killings in Iraq of innocents is not done by the US it is done by their own. We started to allow them to have a voice and the evil ones in that country do not want them to. And all this killing was going on before we got there, not in the amounts it is now but our presence was making a difference and again the evil ones don’t want that to happen. I don’t mean to call out Rochonf because you are not alone in your thoughts, but you seem to cause the debate in this particular sight. I don’t do these internet blog things I simply ran into this one trying to get more information on the action of Gebhardt, and if there are ways to adopt those orphaned by the terror going on. I wish you all blessings.

  53. Rochonf you're an idiot! said,

    Do I really need to say any more than this?

  54. Aziz said,

    Whatever people thoughts on other issues, the picture is legitimate.

    This site investigated the details of the photos-

  55. Rochonf said,

    Words to “a soldier”.

    You, soldier, you seem to be a human being. You also seem to have much more criteria than many of your companions. Despite my ugly words, I can understand what your job is, and I also can understand that life doesn’t allow you (nor me) to choose what to do or what not to do always. I can also understand that being a soldier is praiseworthy when you are defending your people, your home. But that is not the case. The matter, now, is an invasion, not a defense act. An invasion where you accomplished orders, you have no other way, I do understand. Although if I had to mention a valiant soldier, I would name Ehren Watada. He gives judicious reasons of his position, and he reflects the general opinion all around the Globe. You only need the willing of listening to. But I also can understand that you have children to take care of, a wife or a husband, waiting for you, and obeying orders seems to be the best way to achieve your dreams. I am also sure that you want to escape from that hell, far from pain, from bullets, from blood and flesh.

    Many of us admired you, soldier, since we were children. We admired those valiant settlers from Bretain, with high ideas, and later we admired American soldiers with good viewpoints, fighting for freedom. But now, we find no reason to admire you.

    Irak was a Hell before you arrived. But now, it’s worst than that, much more worst. Those smiles you see in native people is just desperate reaction in a people that has lost everything, even their own dignity. Your government activated all the switches that open the doors of Inferno. Don’t you realize that they would never forgive you when they get just one second to breath clean air?… They are shocked. They are blind, they do need just a slight gesture of peace or kindness in their invader executioners.

    They have no voice. You imposed the voices. If those voices are not friendly towards you, you’ll beat them down. What sort of freedom is this?. What are you really bringing them?. Desperation.

    Which sense can you find in your mission?. Don’t you hear the whole world asking you to stop?, don’t you hear your own American people condemning your actions?. Don’t you read and listen to them saying you are doing wrong?.

    I don’t know why I talk to you. Nor you nor me can fix anything, nor avoid anything. You are just obeying orders, and I am feeling hurted for the pain you bring. Even being so distant, so far from Irak, me and almost everybody in this world can feel that pain in Irakí people, and you always appear as being the cause, even the cause of their own. It’s Bush, or Rumsfeld the one that should be fighting by slaps with Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.

    You said “We started to allow them to have a voice and the evil ones in that country do not want them to”. No, you didn’t do that, you imposed, by force. You violated the system.

    What is worst is that those fools in your government want to send you to Iran. They do not listen to the World asking you to go home. You always will find a reason to kill, to impose again and again, invading again?, torturing again?, murdering again?…

    I also thought of USA as a great democracy. But I see that your President is someone that laughs at their own people and their will, a man that sacrifies their voters to get more money for him and his gang members (like Cheney and some other businessmen).

    I miss Bill Clinton, and Al Gore, and some great worthy people that you ignore.

    Anyway, my sincere best wishes for you, soldier, I hope you can be back home soon, I wish it for you and your family, and also for those desperated people in Irak.

  56. A soldier said,

    Your response was in a strong but not as, lets say, vulgar way as you started in the beginning of this whole blog. So now that you have revised stating your opinion we actually share same opinions on the current situation in Iraq and the current government decisions.

    Just like you said soldiers have been admired on viewpoints and fight for freedom guess what the SOLDIERS still have those. Please do not have anger at an individual who probably agrees with you that things are messed up. Of course we are full of diversity and I am sure there are some with different opinions but I have yet to run into a soldier that is not in service wanting good from their service.

    So what do you want a soldier to do in this time if a soldier does not agree with the situation, if they could get out, should they. And then if they get out , what ,go live on the same US soil under the same leadership and follow the laws of that leadership and continue to pay the taxes to that leadership for them to have the funds and continue what they are doing. Obviously not having to go to Iraq would be a difference in that situation, but where would it be a huge difference. And to see our country without any military would be a scary situation.

    So my intent this whole time has to simply continue with do not put anger toward the soldier. You said that I seem to be a human being and have more criteria, this blog all started with another soldier who is showing that also by holding that little girl who has had to endure such pain and loss. So again I ask don’t be angry at a soldier praise them because they are giving up a lot and taking a chance with their life in hopes to bring good for others. Also praise and thank others who have heart and put their life out to help others such as the police and firefighters.



  58. inquiry said,

    what do you suggest as a solution, rochonf? should the us rescind all foreign funding? of course, as with any nation, there are negative aspects, but the us has done much good in this world. Though we are wealthy, it must be said that we are also generous…..I understand that not all peoples desire democracy and freedom… although freedom is a visceral need to we americans, other cultures are adapted to dictatorships, monarchies, chiefdoms, etc……that I can comprehend…….but how quickly the world forgets the atrocities committed in the past by prior governments….far more evil and destructive…….the us, for all our faults, has provided countless individuals with a dream, hope and financial aid…’s important to recognize our downfalls, but please remember the good as well…..

    oh, and by the way, people are people wherever you go……..that picture is of a daddy missing his babies and a baby missing her daddy……they are giving each other what they need in that singular moment–love….regardless of any acidic comments, it is beautiful…

  59. soldier said,

    To rochonof …. What an idiot you are !! You talk like the West is just raping and destroying your innocent ways !! Innocent HAHAHA Your probably so far up you narrow minded religious (there can be only one) arse you don’t see the bigger picture!!! Someone once said that religion destroyed the Christianity in people or sorry is that muslimanity !! as you probably don’t even like the word !! And besides every problematic part of the planet seems to have your mob at the centre of it????? Yeah that’s right I lost good friends in the Balkans protecting your mob didn’t hear them complaining about western values then?????!! You’re an idiot because it doesn’t matter where you’re from or which side you’re on you can still show love. Not you though rochonof hey?? With a little luck our paths may cross on some world stage and do us all a favor and off people you.

  60. soldier said,

    What that was meant to say is I hope I get the chance to do us all a favour and off people like you !

  61. EX Military said,

    What a Great pic. I have had the opportunity to travel this world, and what I have noticed when I met a German, French, Australian, English, Scottish, Spanish, Mexican, Muslim..(man or women) I could go on…..base them on who they are, not on what their countries have done. We are all individuals and most of us do not agree with what our governments have done at some point. Judge individuals on thier capacity to care such as John, to love, to have compassion. If they are a hateful person, you will see that in their actions and their words. Maybe if we quit trying to lump everyone based on what we see in the Media (because we all know we usually see the bad first, as the good new about humanity gets second page coverage) then this world could be at peace….To hate someone because of race and religion is basic ignorance! Just my point of view…… I’m not religious, in any way….I believe in peace and good and believe if you do good, good will follow…..As for the Soldiers Keep safe, and come back safe…..

  62. Proud to be American said,

    I really just wanted info on the little girl and John Gebhardt. I am very proud of our soldiers and their dedication to freedom. Yes, I too am disappointed with Bush but certainly not with our troops!! Americans are ready for them to come home!! We love you all. I believe that I speak for 99.9% of the American people!!

  63. sue said,
    Check this site and it gives you more info on the pic.

  64. Jacob Veretto said,

    Rochonf , if anyone shot that poor little girl, It was one of those Ragheads that prance around shooting anyone with a different religion and are to stupid to know that when they love their children and their family more that they hate their neighbors ,that maybe and only then violence will end.

  65. Jacob Veretto said,

    Rochonf, before I say this, know that I wish you well.

    this is just my little piece,
    at the beginning you said “I am sorry, my friend. How can we know she is not died?. How can we know she has no bullet between her eyes?. How can we know”

    if anyone shot that poor little girl it was one of those Ragheads
    that prance around screaming “Mohamed G-hahd” and shooting anyone with a different religion. They think that they can end it by killing all of the “infidels” but what they dont
    understand is that, when they love their children and their family more that they hate their neighbors, that then and only then will the violence end.

    My uncle Gunnery Sgt. Joel Veretto Died in Irak, fighting for their freedom, and defending mine.

  66. Jacob Veretto said,

    oops it said that it deleted my first comment while i was typing

  67. Gary said,

    Premièrement quand j’ai vue cette photo, je croyait que c’était une farce que quelqu’un me faisait. Car il me ressemble étrangement, c’est même à croire que quelqu’un c’est amusé à faire un montage.

    Mais je dois avouer que l’histoire est très touchante. De plus c’est agréable de voir que certains des soldats sont encore capable d’humanité avec tout ce qu’ils peuvent voir et endurer dans leurs journées.

    Félicitation à cet acte de bravoure et d’humanité !

    Quebec, city.

  68. Sarah said,

    There is no war in this picture. Only a lonely man comforting a lonely little girl who was hurt by her own people.

  69. Niram said,

    I can’t even read all these statements. I think it’s a shame that people would argue and spew hate over this beautiful man holding a little girl who was shot in the head by the ENEMY. The brutal enemy killed our citizens and yes, they are the enemy, not only ours but their own people! To all you Bush haters – he did not lie, he passed on information he received from trusted sources. I, for one, am happy that Sadaam had his neck stretched. His soldiers raped and killed women and children in front of their husbands/parents/siblings. He cut out the tongues of people who spoke against him. I’m sick of people saying we invaded Iraq and that we’re occupying their contry.
    Did people say that during WWI and WWII? This country needs to read some history and be thankful for our country and for our troops who protect us.

    Rochonf – that picture of the man with a black bag over his head was disturbing but HE STILL HAS HIS HEAD because we are not animals who cut of the heads of peopele and take joy in doing so!

    To all of you who are with me please adopt a troop. There are lots of websites out there – Soldier’s Angels, Shoebox project, Adopt a Soldier, etc. I just sent a box this morning.

    God bless men like John Gebhardt.

  70. Paul Hammond said,

    Instead of bickering like idiots, try to appreciate the humanity shown by this picture and individual. Take your politics somewhere else.

    Does anybody know how this story turns out for this little girl?

    Richmond, VA

  71. Emily said,

    What a lovely picture, now look at that, the good american soldier taking care of an iraqi girl that has been injured by her own people. Which by the way are all just a bunch of worthless pieces of shit.

    God bless America and our soldiers!

  72. CrazyOlBytch said,

  73. Toasty said,

    While I do not support the war in Iraq on any level, I feel that stirring up political sentiment is not the point of the picture. While I understand the point of view of those saying that if there were no War in Iraq, this picture wouldn’t exist, but there is a War in Iraq whether we agree with it or not. Therefore, I believe we should just enjoy the postitive and heartwarming moments that arise from a terrible situation. As citizens we cannot do anything regarding the decisions of our elected officials, but again, we may as well make the best of it. No moral or ethical situation is ever black and white, so whether you dislike Iraqis, Americans or the soliders, you must realize that the man in the photograph is a good person, attempting to bring comfort and happiness to those around him.

  74. Tammy Rettig said,

    God Bless all of our troops. It is stories like this that makes us proud to be an American. Can anyone tell me what happened to the little girl after her recovery?

  75. John Gebhardt Iowa War Hero « "The'Pointand'Shootist" said,

    […] John Gebhardt now works at the Cargill plant in Eddyville, Iowa. What follows is a story about him, when he was a soldier in Iraq. […]

  76. neil bright said,

    that man is a hero nuff said

  77. nancy of canada said,

    Although I am a Canadian, I support U.S. troops and Canadians troops as well.

    Being a ‘hobby’ photographer myself, I LOVE the photo of John Gebhardt holding a wounded Iraqi girl. A picture paints a thousand words …. I see compassion for another human being, regardless of the race. Absolutely beautiful. We need to see more of this in life, we would have a better world to live in! Go troops go!

  78. Iraqi said,

    I do not think what is said about the story of this photo is true,They said the insurgents were executed her family ,but she has been survived, one logical question need to be asked, why insurgents executed Iraqi families?Can one ask the same? Americans are attacked because they are the aggressors and invaders and must be resisted them out,but the Americans are lying as usual and trying to show themselves in the? form of angels, people believe their lies and never knew how much children Americans killed?

    later I read in this site
    that her mother is still alive and she were not executed

    • meagen said,

      lol…that is a different child!!! if you read it you will see that she came in with a skull fracture…not a bullet to her head…BIG difference :o)

  79. meagen said,

    this is a beautiful picture…having little ones myself it almost brought me to tears!!!

    as for some of you, i am very taken back by things i was reading! all the judging and assuming and just plain nastiness!!!

    i am sure there are some bad soldiers and politicians…that surprises you? you can not judge everyone off of what ONE person does! not ALL soldiers are bad nor politicians or all democrats or whatever your argument may be!

    getting soo upset over things really??? is it worth it? live your life and worry about things you can control not things you cannot!

    thank God for men and women out there saving lives wish i could be saving lives with them!

  80. Joao Makehi Soares said,

    for you are a warrior must save the life of a child because children do not know about what the war and help given to parents or the nearest orphanage.
    thank you very much.

    • Anonymous said,

      What a beautiful picture. This picture just broke my heart.
      I just saw it on Facebook on my friend’s wall who is French also.
      I am French and married to a US Citizen who is a veteran.
      I don’t care about all the argument going on…. I just care about this BEAUTIFUL picture.
      Very well done John and thank you for just being a beautiful human being !!!!

  81. Fred said,

    This picture now circulates elsewhere on the web with John Gebhardt’s name but with the tag that it was taken in Afghanistan. Google John Gebhardt Afghanistan.

  82. Nathalie said,

    What a beautiful picture. This picture just broke my heart.
    I just saw it on Facebook on my friend’s wall who is French also.
    I am French and married to a US Citizen who is a veteran.
    I don’t care about all the argument going on…. I just care about this BEAUTIFUL picture.
    Very well done John and thank you for just being a beautiful human being !!!!

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