Magical Jew Missiles!

October 23, 2006 at 9:47 pm (Amusement, Blogs, Islam, Islamism, Israel, The Internet)

From commenter Amos (here’s the comment’s permalink) in the comment thread of “BOOK YANKED” by Tim Blair of Tim Blair:

You can laugh, but magical Jew missiles are no joke! I hear the hated occupiers have one which can hypnotize the faithfull and cause them to sneak out at night to have intimate relations with livestock, which it then films and puts on YouTube. It has a giant eye full of evil and it’s solid rocket booster is made of muslim orphans but don’t fear because if one recites a passage from the sunnah it causes it to explode inshallah which is why you should always loudly recite the Qur’an while having sex with a cow.


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