Why I do not trust Democrats

October 19, 2006 at 12:54 am (Military, Personal, The United States, US Government, War)

Here is why I do not trust Democrats or The Democrat(ic) Party.

Democrats, almost without exception, voice their opposition to the Iraq War. (One who supported the Iraq War was basically expelled.) They go on and on and on about it. But nothing they say is in any way constructive, productive, or looking towards the future. Nothing they have said gives us any indication what they will do if they come into power.

And let us be perfectly honest: no matter who comes into power and no matter how much power they have, Democrats will never unilaterally withdraw from Iraq at once. They may offer a timetable (which they may or may not follow); they may withdraw a certain number of troops; but they will not withdraw completely. All of their bluster and hot air is just that. Politicians love to make empty promises, knowing such promises or claims would not be implementable if one comes into power. Reality takes over. So let us not think that the Democrats have offered anything concrete or realistic as to what they would do.

So why, then, all this useless blather? All they do is criticize and contemn. What do they plan to actually do? What is their plan?

When The Republican Party swept into power under Clinton, it had an agenda. It had goals. It had plans. It was not swept into power based solely on opposition to those in power. Frankly, anyone who sweeps in anyone into power simply because they voice their opposition to what the people dislike, without providing a plan or some agenda to implement, would be an idiot. “A Contract With America” was to overthrow the old ways and implement new ways. That this did not exactly come to pass is irrelevant: at least there was a plan!

Republicans, on the other hand, have shown some action. I think The Party has not done a good job mobilizing the people to support its plans. Nor do I think The Party has done enough to deliver on its promises. But recall that in 2004, President Bush had ideas and plans. The Democrats’ platform could basically have been boiled down to: Kerry is not Bush. Utterly ridiculous. And very little has changed.

I am extremely wary of anyone with such unproductive and non-constructive tendencies. Criticism is excellent, but only when it is constructive. What is wrong needs to be pointed out, and a realistic, pragmatic, and defensible plan or alternative must be proposed.

And before anyone brings up corruption, there is no more corrupt party than The Democrat(ic) Party. I am extremely disappointed that The Republican Party and the Government have not pursued this further. For crying out loud, all of Louisiana is nothing but a cesspool of Democrat corruption! For Democrats to now be gloating on Republicans who have been caught is quite ridiculous: people in glass houses should not throw stones. If the light were to be shined just as bright on them, they would lose many seats that they currently have. I am not denying that The Republican Party, parts of it, has become corrupt. There is corruption. But no more corrupt than the Democrats.

All of this negativity towards The Administration, all of this non-constructive criticism, all of this “look at us we are saying they are wrong” is nothing but crass political opportunism. Nothing more than this. No plan, no agenda, no ideas, nothing.



  1. Democratic party Blog Digest - Why I do not trust Democrats said,

    […] Republicans, on the other hand, have shown some action. I think The Party has not done a good job mobilizing the people to support its plans. Nor do I think The Party has done enough to deliver on its promises. But recall that in 2004, President Bush had idea … Posted by MuslihoonHope you like itLink to original article […]

  2. ktell said,

    Wake up America!! We are being deceived daily by the main media, Marxist Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

    Their aim is very easily to see…complete domination of the U.S. individual. Obama and the the Democrats have and are taking many steps to abolish the U.S. Constitution so that our Bill of Rights becomes void.

    For decades now the Democratic party has promoted their agenda under the realm of deceit and they have continued this plan to this day. Why? Simple answer is the media. The main media in the U.S. overwhelmingly and blindly supports what ever the Democrat party wishes. Marxist Obama and the Democratic Party have tone goal in mind :
    Complete revision of the U.S. Constitution as it applies to individual rights under the Bill of Rights so that THEY become the dictators of all individuals in the U.S. Under Marxist Obama they are well on their way to achieving this with the assist of the Democrats in Congress and the main media.

    The main media in the U.S. should no longer be trusted. They are corrupt and blindly devoted to Marxist Obama and the Democrats. The main media cares nothing about facts…..there aim is to continue to promote Marxism ideals in America and support the corrupt Marxist Obama and Socialist Democrats.

    All of what I have shared can be easily substantiated.

    Yep,,Democrats are the problem.

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