Voting in 2006

October 18, 2006 at 10:34 pm (Idiots, Leftist idiocy, Military, Personal, The Left, The Right, The United States, US Government, War)

I would like to address an issue that has been vexing the dexteroblogosphere for some time now: voting in the 2006 elections.

I am not going to be all idealistic and say that as citizens, it is our duty to vote. (It may be, but reality trumps ideals this year.) The argument can be made that not voting is a good sign: it means the people think things are going well, that the boat need not be rocked. Contented people, on the whole, do not vote. One needs to be motivated to vote, or be forced to vote (as in Australia).

But things are not all right. America turned out in record numbers to vote in 2004. What makes this of interest for this year is that record numbers of conservatives and leftists turned out to vote. The leftists are still as seething and motivated. Being in power, we may not be as motivated, which is what The Left is precisely betting on. This time, we cannot sit out of complacency or spite.

One cannot deny that the political polarization in The United States has but increased since 2004. The leftists are quite upset at having the election “stolen” by The Republican Party (which is a patently absurd view to hold, but they hold it nevertheless) and they will try their best to make some gains this year.

But I am concerned about more than just the name of the party in power. I am concerned about The Left’s policies and tendencies. As much as they cry about being oppressed, I have never seen them be so oppressive as they have become. Republicans are debating right and left on practically every issue, and it is well known that not all Republicans are marching in lockstep with The Party. Yet dissent in The Democrat(ic) Party is punishable by excommunication. Witness, for example, their expulsion of Lieberman for holding a view different from the rest of their Party on the matter of the Iraq War. And mark my words: The Left is at least ten times as intolerant and oppressive than The Right. Whereas we want agreement, we understand the value of debate. Like leftists of old, The Left does not tolerate debate or dissent because it undermines The Cause. The Cause – whatever it may be – trumps everything. I do not want to be stifled and neither do you; but The Left does not care about our opinions. We’ve already been judged to be incompetant, intolerant idiots. What we say won’t count. The Left wants to march over us (and even over their own) to implement their grand designs (which, I say with full confidence, will only crumble and leave us with more problems than before).

If they come in power, what will be the consequences on us? What will be the consequences on our foreign policy? In what ways will they continue to undermine our national security because of their foolish idealism? Indeed, what do they stand for? We know quite well what they reject, but what will they actually do?

The Republican Party has given us, its rank and file members, much to be upset and disappointed about. And I agree with those who say we should send them a message. But the problem is finding a way to send them a message that will not endanger us. We should not cut off our nose to spite our face; in other words, would refraining from voting or voting for The Left help us or would it just be shooting ourself in the foot?

For once, after many years of leftist dominance, The United States has a robust foreign policy. (It could be more robust, but at least it’s better than before.) States finally fear The United States – which is what is needed because no one will stay their hand against us simply because it would be honorable. Frankly, the way I see it, The Republican Party is far more realistic and pragmatic than the endless naive and idealistic sophistry of The Left. The world is a very ugly place, and Republicans are willing (as much as they might rather not) to get their hands dirty in protecting the interests of The United States.

I have nothing against liberals. We conservatives, after all, are liberals as well. I have nothing against well-meaning progressives. I fear, however, the progressives and leftists with a utopian dream, utterly disconnected from reality, that will endanger us. They don’t understand the world, and they can’t understand the world. If reality does not fit their ideology, there’s something wrong with reality, as far as they are concerned.

If we want to fix up The Republican Party, we will have to be motivated and do it from the bottom. We have to find and support the proper candidates so that in elections they will be chosen to represent The Party. This is something for the future and it will take time, but if we are really motivated and concerned, we will do it. But to turn against The Party, as corrupt and adulterous as it may have been, will only hurt us in the end.

I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but every vote will count. Every abstention is practically a vote for The Left. We must vote, and we must vote Republican. This is not to reward our current politicians but rather because the alternative is worse. A lot can happen in four years, and we cannot afford to have The Left in dominance simply to spite The Party that disappointed us. Let us be a bit more mature, realistic, and pragmatic, for this, coupled with American determination and dedication to our values, is what will help us prevail in the face of so many obstacles. I have been on both sides of the aisle, and the pragmaticism and idealism of The Republican Party is suitable for The United States and their future, whereas the leftist quasi-socialist naive idealism of The Left will only destroy us. Again, I ask you to vote. If anything, The Left needs to shown (again) the strength and popularity of the Republican bloc.


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  1. Dex said,

    Agree. The time to bring out the Long Knives and replace the republicans who displeased us was primary season. Not now.

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