What Islamists say and see and want

October 16, 2006 at 3:58 pm (Arabic, Islam, Islamism, Israel, Pakistan, The United States, The West, War)

When reading through Islamist propoganda for their internal use, one thing becomes clear: the Islamists are not anti-Zionists or anti-Israel, they are anti-Jews. In all of the Islamist books I have been reading in Urdu, not once has Zionism been mentioned. Israel has been mentioned a few times, but the bulk of remarks against Jews have been explicitly against Jews (Urdu: singular: یہودی, yahūdī; plural: یہودیاں, yahūdiyāN).

While in Pakistan last time, I went to A Mosque and happened to be able to pray the ‘Asr prayer (صلاة العصر, Salāt al-‛aSr in Arabic; نماز عصر, namāz-e asar in Urdu) there, which is late in the afternoon. I kid you not: as soon as the prayers were over, the imām launched into a harangue against (نصرانیاں, nasrāniyāN, “Christians”) and (یہودیاں, yahūdiyāN, “Jews”). Not America or Israel or Zionism. Specifically against Jews and Christians.

As such, we must not let ourselves be fooled that the Islamists are opposed to certain states or their foreign policy or their ideologies: they are opposed to religious groups as such. America is said to be a Christian state, and that is why it is opposed. Hundreds of Muslim tyrants have imposed unimagineable suffering and oppression on Muslims, and yet Muslims remain silent; their motivation, thus, cannot be opposing injustice, oppression, tyranny, and so on. They are opposed to the infidels (كفار, kuffār; singular: كافر, kāfir) which includes Christians and Jews.

Sidenote: There is a common notion, even among Muslims, that the People of the Book (أهل الكتاب, ahl al-kitāb), which is defined as referring to Christians, Jews, Sabeans, and Zoroastrians, are separate from kuffār. Many Muslim jurisprudents hold that because of their rejection of Islam, they are indeed kuffār, although a sub-division among kuffār deserving special treatment because of the similarities they share with Islam (belief in a sacred book, monotheism, belief in prophets, belief in angels, belief in the Day of Judgment, so on). Now, there is debate, especially today, whether the People of the Book can be classified as idolators (مشركون, mushrikūn; singular: مشرك, mushrik; “one/they who does/do (شرك, shirk) or idolatry”). Being an idolator is a far more serious sin than simply being an infidel. (Indeed, while idolators “associate partners with God,” infidels simply “do not believe” in the validity of Islam or Muhammad’s prophethood; idolatry is on top of being an infidel.) Indeed, some have alleged that the “Christians” and “Jews” mentioned in the Qur’an are not the Christians and Jews that exist today, and similarly that the “Israel” mentioned in the Qur’an has no relation with the State of Israel or Jews or Judaism as they exist today. As such, those people who call themselves “Christians” and “Jews” are not Christians and Jews and should not be given the special considerations due to the People of the Book. They are infidels and idolators – who must convert to Islam or be killed.

We must not fall for their arguments and propaganda. When they say they oppose The United States because they are unjust or oppressive, they are lying. (Or, if they are saying the truth, they are hypocrites.) They oppose The United States because they are a Christian state (by the Islamists’ determination) and they are exercising power, influence, and force over Muslims rather than vice versa. Were The United States Muslim states, there would be none of this Islamist and Muslim opposition against them. The same with Israel: because it is a Jewish state (by their determination). (In the Islamist/Muslim mindset, there are no secular states. Every state follows and acts on behalf of a religion.)

In their public propaganda, words such as “Zionism,” “neo-conservatism,” “Evangelical Christianity,” “fundamentalist Christianity,” and so on, are code-words for what the Islamists really mean to say: Christians or Jews. They dare not say what they mean (at least here in The United States) because they know they will be strenuously opposed. They understand our values and sentiment, and then exploit them to reword their claims. There are no neo-conservatives in The United Kingdom and Christianity there is so weak, yet The United Kingdom receives as much hate and opposition as The United States do, and for the same reason: infidels lording over Muslims. Or, rather, infidels who dare exercise influence over Muslims. In the Islamist mindset, the infidels have their place: at the feet of Muslims and under Muslim rulers. For infidels to rule over Muslims or exercise any influence over Muslims is seen as rebellion against God and a perversion of how things ought to be.

This is important because this explains why Christians and Jews are so hated and what the real meaning behind the Islamists’ propaganda is. From our perspective, this is not a war of religions. It is a war between one faction (The West and its allies) against a threatening faction (militant/terroristic Islamists/Muslims); but they (Islamists and Muslims) do see this as a war between religions: Christianity and Judaism (and atheism and Satanism and Hinduism and goodness knows what else) against Islam. We want to confine this war to its participants; they are the ones who want to expand it into a war of religions. It saddens me how so many people are swayed by their trickery. Beware, my friends, and be aware.



  1. Dawood said,

    Muslims should dislike all forms of kufr. Even if it is the so called muslim rulers that prefer the ways of man over the laws prescribed by god. The struggle for the muslims is to establish the truth. see the link – http://truthline.wordpress.com/2006/09/30/to-clash-or-not-to-clash/

    Bush says: they attack us because they hate our freedoms. That is the stupidest statement a president could make. He cant even say it with a straight face. Even if it were true, does it justify his war. True Muslims dont hate your freedoms. They hate your falsehood and lies. They hate you killing their children and destroying their societies. They hate you bribing their rulers and stealing their resouces while they are forced to live in poverty. They hate your immoral culture and sick, cruel, and unjust man made system. They hate your blind support of Israel imprisoning the palestinians and destroying their homes and livlihood, and cutting off their funds starving them to death like caged animals. Most of all they hate your disbelief in god the all mighty.

  2. dicentra said,

    I think that the reason the Left is so blind to this aspect of jihad is that so many of them are secular, so religious motives mean nothing to them, just as caste might be meaningless to an American.

    It never fails to amaze me that when the Left answers the question of “Why do they hate us?” they invariably list reasons that bother the Left, not things that bother Muslims, e.g., US Mideast Policies (read: support for Israel), economic “imperialism,” etc. In other words, they think that what Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn say about the US is objectively true, that the Muslims are reacting to it, and that if we only followed the recommendations that come from the Hallowed Halls of Academia, the Muslims would be content to leave us alone.

    But I guess a significant portion of them are not. They are the ummah, which trumps nationality and political persuasion. It is because of the ways that the West offends Allah that they seethe and agitate against us.

    And, like you said, the fact that the West is successful and they are not. This latest entry in Victor Davis Hanson’s blog sums it up pretty well. They want to avenge their lost honor by sheddingn blood.

  3. Frank J. said,

    Do they hate America for being Christian or being secular? The “Crusader” rhetoric seems to point towards Christians, but I’ve seen Muslims point to places like San Francisco when condemning America, and that’s certainly not a Christian place.

    The enemity towards Jews seems to go back to the very beginning of Islam (in my admittedly shallow understanding of the religion). I don’t see that going away no matter how conditions change.

  4. Scott said,

    True Muslims dont hate your freedoms. They hate your falsehood and lies.

    “Our” lies? Or the lies of our government? If the latter, then you do realize that the only difference between the lies of our government and yours, is that ours make it out to the press whereas yours are suppressed – by your governments. But you knew that right?

    They hate you killing their children and destroying their societies.

    Killing your children? What children? Where? And how do we “destroy” your societies? By letting locals build McDonald’s and Tower records? Who issued the building permits for those? You’re own government. But this is our fault? Ridiculous – if you come to the US and want to build a mosque, do you ask me or just apply to the government for a permit? Same thing amigo – we’re not your enemy.

    They hate you bribing their rulers and stealing their resouces while they are forced to live in poverty.

    We are paying for goods and services to your own government and your country’s businesses – it is not our fault if your government prevents that money from trickling down to you, and it is childish of you to hold us accountable for the failures and persecution of your own government. Do we blame our poverty on the failure of the Saudi royal family to bail us out?

    They hate your immoral culture and sick, cruel, and unjust man made system.

    We try to live and let live – you on the other hand cannot stand to think that somewhere across the world people are eating pork, having sex out of wedlock, etc, and want to kill them for doing so – in this you are exactly the same as the Ku Klux Klan – and so the only thing “sick” about us is that our media kisses your arse rather than branding you as bigots and racists as they would if you were not foreigners and “minorities”.

    They hate your blind support of Israel imprisoning the palestinians and destroying their homes and livlihood, and cutting off their funds starving them to death like caged animals.

    Really? You do realize that none of the arab governments holding Palestinian refugee camps on their own soil have done anything to help them, or (Allah forbid) offer them citizenship, the way the US accepts millions of immigrants (many illegal)? Didn’t think so. Arab countries love the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, not the Palestinians themselves (see the Iraqi reaction to Saddam’s pet Palestinians after his overthrow etc).

    Most of all they hate your disbelief in god the all mighty.


    How would you feel if we felt the same way? How would you feel if we decided to treat muslims exactly the same way Christians are treated by Saudis? Hint – you could say goodbye to every single mosque on US soil and that would be just for starters.

    You come to the US, live off the fat of the land, use your new freedoms to make a better life for yourselves and your families than you ever could dream of back home, and then turn around and gripe about how “immoral” we are – that’s hypocrisy, plain and simple.

  5. MikeT said,


    You mean like Arab Muslim culture with its penchant for pederasty, honor killings and sectarian bloodsheed? Oh yes, I see that the Muslim world can teach us great things about morality. Show us, People of the Final Revelation, how your rigid path of laws (Pharisee Legalism 2.0) trumps the Christian Law of Grace and makes for a kinder, gentler, more prosperous society!

  6. OzzieAussie said,

    Mike T

    what you said makes a lot of sense to me. It certainly strikes a chord that Islam is very similar to Pharisee Legalism, but with its own twist. It stifles the spirit of the people, enslaving them forever in their guilt because it is so easy to sin against the sharia laws.

  7. Dawood said,

    My point was to point out that for you people to hate sometjing you at the very least must know what it is you hate so much. The things you described honor killings etc. are not Islam.

    Islam is not described by what people that call themselves muslims say or do. You can find people that claim to be muslim saying and doing anything and everything under the sun.

    Islam is described by what is in the Quran and the teachings of gods final messenger Muhammad may the peace and blessings of god be upon him.

    According to estimates, around 3 million to 4 million women are battered every year in the U.S., or one every 9 seconds, 5000 to 7000 of them die. Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury and second largest cause of death to women ages 15 to 44. Nearly 31% of all American women are abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives, according to a 1998 Commonwealth Fund survey. According to estimates, 670,000 women are victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault every year in the U.S. (National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, 1997.), or one every 45 seconds (CNN, January 3, 1997), Variation in rape figures is due to the fact that almost 42 percent of women do not report or tell anyone about it according to surveys, the actual figures are thus much higher. since Most americans call themselves christian. If I were to use your reasoning then I could say that christians are evil rapest, and women abusers. What an evil religion.

    You cannot learn Islam from Pat Robertson. There is a good chance he is biased.


  8. Dawood said,

    Check this page instead: http://truthline.wordpress.com/about/

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