France faces European displeasure at attempt to outlaw denial of Armenian Genocide

October 13, 2006 at 3:52 am (Europe, International community, The Rest)

France is in the process of passing a law making it a crime to deny the Armenian Genocide. “France seeks to calm uproar after approving Armenia genocide bill” by Marc Burleigh of Agence France-Presse. (Story by Yahoo! News archived here.)

Turkey, understandably and predictably, was quite upset.

Turkey has cast the French bill as a restriction on freedom of expression.

I am quite grateful that Turkey is so concerned about freedom of expression. But perhaps it should focus on its own problems on repressing freedom of expression rather than worrying about France. In Turkey, it is illegal to call for the Genocide’s recognition. From Wikipedia’s article on the Armenian Genocide, on the section on Turkey’s position:

Article 305 of the Turkish Penal Code states that “prosecution for anti-national plots” may be undertaken against those who call “for the recognition of the Armenian genocide”.

What surprised me was that The European Commission (executive body of The European Union) was also upset: (emphasis added):

The European Commission, the European Union’s executive arm, was also unsettled by the draft law.

“Should this law indeed enter into force, it would prohibit the debate and the dialogue which is necessary for reconciliation on this issue,” said Krisztina Nagy, the commission’s spokeswoman on enlargement.

“It is very important to see that there is an opening in Turkey to conduct debate on that issue,” she said, adding that the French bill, if it became law, “could have a negative affect on that debate”.

What debate must there be had? What happened is quite clear. What use is there to this pussyfooting around by Europe?

Turkey’s blustering is to be expected, but this reaction by European entities really surprises me and, frankly, does not please me. There should be no question about this issue. Europe, of all places, must be quite clear about recognizing and condemning genocides.



  1. Subvet said,

    If the EU elites are recognized as the Quislings they really are their position on this is no suprise at all. Turkey, though nominally secular, is predominantly Muslim. The Eu elites will jump backwards through hoops to keep from ruffling their feathers. “Genocide, what genocide? We don’t see no stinking genocide.”

  2. John said,

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. You answered your own question, Musli, this is Europe we are talking about. It’s no wonder that in the face of danger they are dismissed as being Euro-weenies for they’ve shown time and time again since the end of WWII that they will blink and cower. Pity really, because they certainly are capable of greatness in the defense of liberty when they’ve a mind to do it.

  3. Jeremayakovka said,

    French statue commemorating Armenian genocide stolen.

    Therehere’s a reason why one of the bandit peoples that overran the late Roman Empire were called the Vandals.

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