Paean, of sorts, to IMAO

October 8, 2006 at 8:03 pm (Amusement, Blogs, Personal, The Internet)

When I am in Pakistan, and even when I am in The United States, one of the blogs I have always enjoyed has been Frank J.‘s IMAO. I clearly remember this blog cheering me up considerably when being in Pakistan became depressing.

Although quite an amusing and entertaining blog, there’s a point behind the mocking and jeering and parodying. Frank J.‘s co-bloggers are also quite good: like Frank J. they’re not only good bloggers but also good people and good writers. I also appreciate and value a number of the commenters there. Some are even non-American and pretty decent people! (Frank J. is also among my favorite online writers.) It’s a good way to be amused without losing touch of current events.

As a sort of thanks to IMAO – to Frank J. and his wonderful co-bloggers – for cheering me up and keeping me in good spirits, I post this post to promote it. One cannot go wrong with IMAO.



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    My favorites of Frank J, have little to do with the funny. Frank has some of the funny, but I think he is best at the soft accusation. I think his best, (easily accessible) essay is the letter to Cindy Sheehan in the voice of Casey. It’s not funny, it’s accurate.

    Frank likes the funny, but I think he would be better served if he authored with the . . . .

    well, actually, I think he would be a great chick flick kinda author.

    But yeah, That cat’s gots himselfs some skeewoe’s (a standing joke among my friends based on an anfernee hardaway commercial, where he was so minstrel about saying “skills”)

  2. Frank J. said,

    Thanks. Posts like this keep me writing.

  3. Laurence Simon said,

    I deny any allegation that I am a good person.

  4. spacemonkey said,


    I count myself doubly blessed to be associated the IMAO crew and with thoughtful people like yourself.

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