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October 1, 2006 at 4:28 am (Uncategorized)

Just because I thought it would be useful:
1. Any and all comments (as long as they’re not spam or irrelevant comments to simply promote one’s blog or website) are welcome.

2. Those who comment for the first time on this blog have to have their comment approved. Once approved, all comments thereafter should go through automatically. For some people, for reasons I do not know, this does not work and every comment has to be approved. (This is the prevent spam: the approval of the first comment is not an approval so much as to let the spam filter know that the IP is kosher.)

3. I do not modify any comment whatsoever. They go through as submitted.

4. A comment’s author is responsible for his/her content.

5. I do not censor any comments.

6. No one has been banned, yet. I reserve that right at my discretion.

7. I reserve the right to respond or not respond to any comment(s). However, I’d rather you intelligent readers/commenters duke it out in the comments section. If one makes a comment and wants a response from me, please state so explicitly. Or e-mail me. Otherwise, I’ll leave the comment to the mercy of my readers/commenters.

8. I am responsible for what I have written, and no person or entity ought to be seen or considered as responsible, liable, or answerable. I do quote people, and the quoted people are likewise responsible for their comments, et cetera and so on.

9. Be civil.

10. I read every comment.

11. If you read and/or comment, I thank you very much indeed!


1 Comment

  1. Michael said,

    Be civil.

    I was OK with your policy until I got to No. 9. Man, that’s going to be tough.


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