Look! A respectful, peace-loving drawing of the Pope! *NOT*

September 16, 2006 at 6:39 pm (Arabic, Blogs, Christianity, Idiots, Islam, Islamism, News, Religion)

Look how nice and respectful and peaceful Muslims are!

I noticed the following picture at “Going Down in History” by Isaac Schrödinger of Isaac Schrödinger, which in turn was taken from “Pope Rage on the Internet; church bombings in Gaza” by Michelle Malkin of Michelle Malkin. I will post the picture, provide the text and its translation. (I’m providing the text so readers can line up which translation is for what text on the picture.)
The Pope a la al-Qaaidah

Text and translation:

الخنزير عابد الصلبان
The pig, worshiper of the crosses

يعبد قردا مسلوخا على صليب
He worships a slaughtered monkey on a cross

حاقد خبيث
Malicious, repulsive/evil

شيطان رجيم
An accursed devil

Sacrifice him/Behead him

لعنة الله عليه
May the curse of God be upon him

سفاح مصاص للدماء
Spiller and sucker of blood

Please go to “Pope to Muslims: Sorry if you’re offended” by AllahPundit of HotAir for more information and perspective.

I find this to be totally and utterly unacceptable and demand an apology from Muslims.


  1. Christopher Taylor said,

    I’m just baffled tryingto work out exactly what these people are trying to say and accomplish? We knew they hated the pope and loathe Christianity before any statements, that’s pretty obvious. But when he says they are violent and destructive, they get mad at him and… become violent and destructive?

    So it’s bad to be called that but its ok to be that?? What do they think they are accomplishing here?

  2. VK said,

    I just find it totally and utterly boring.

  3. RR said,

    The pope is dumb, the photoshopper is dumb, all religions are dumb.

    Do I get a cookie?

  4. trivialmonk said,

    it’s called rattling the cage

  5. Voidling said,

    Come On!! Grow up the lot of you!!
    Niether looks good in the eyes of Alah or God. Ever thought of how he feels stop it and stop it now you bikering fools.
    The higher power does not aprove of what you are saying.
    Perhaps you should go and kill yourselves that way the earth will be rid of all its silly people. AND THE TRUE BELIEVERS CAN GO ON WITH THEIR PEACEFUL WAY ANS NORMAL HUMANS SHOULD

  6. joe said,

    Isn’t it enough that xtians kill lots of muslims in iraq, afghanistan, lebanon and palestine?

  7. Mr Angry said,

    I don’t get holding up negative behaviour by some Muslims as if that proves something. What does it prove? That some people are bad? That some people perpetrate evil in the name of religion? Of course that’s true. It’s true of every religion that has ever existed. Should people who perpetrate violence in response to words or images be condemned? Absolutely.

    Does highlighting despicable acts done in the name of Islam taint all Muslims? Not unless you accept that adherents of any religions are tainted by the evil done in the name of their religion. So maybe hardcore atheists have a right to complain but I don’t see see the justification for any religion to condemn Islam as a whole.

    Neither should it be swept under the carpet. There are nutbag Islamic fundamentalists. There are nutbag Jewish fundamentalists. There are nutbag Christian fundamentalists. I agree with exposing hypocrisy but if you’re going to be even-handed and expose ALL religious and political hypocrisy you’re going to get very tired. And if you’re not going to be even handed, you’re not really worth listening to.

  8. Just Tom said,

    Mr. Angry:
    Do acts in the name of a religion taint the practitioners?
    In my book, yes indeed.
    Consider the inquisition. Do you really think the christians of those times an amiable lot?
    If the practitioners of a religion do not distance themselves from the viewpoints associated with, say, terrorist acts? What does that say about them?
    If they side with the perpetrators? Cheer them on, even?

    I’d like to see some more moslems stand up and say “NO! This is WRONG! This is NOT our religion!”

    Maybe then I’ll believe there’s a peaceful future for Islam.

    Until that happens, war only draws nearer.

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