Thoughts on American diversity

September 14, 2006 at 2:58 am (Islamism, The United States, The West)

Many people in Pakistan characterize The United States as populated by secular immoral promiscuous drug-addled half-naked drunkards. They also characterize the people of The United States as puritanical, deceptive, anti-Islamic Evangelical Christians. These characterizations amuse me to no end. (First of all, where did the Jews, who evidently control The United States, go?) Anyone who has been to The United States will realize that both characterizations are wrong.

The United States are all quite diverse. There are, of course, the stereotypical a-religious folk and the Evangelical proselytizers, but there are so many peoples in between. In fact, there are some pockets that are undoubtedly more conservative than the most conservative Muslim group. Not everyone has sex with a different partner every day or is out to sneekily convert people to Christianity.

(Aside: Isn’t is somewhat amusing that the Leftists are constantly harping on recognizing the nuances of Those Areas Not In The West, while those areas refuse to recognize the nuances and diversity in the West?)

I am not going to say that differing and opposing groups live happily ever after with each other. No. There are some groups that absolutely hate each other. The United States do not demand that they seek to coexist. Groups can, and indeed have, established their own enclaves and ghettos. Premier examples are the Anabaptist communities in The United States (the Amish and the Hutterites).

This diversity is part of what makes us unique. It’s sometimes a bit difficult to maneuver around the many groups, but this is part of the American fabric. It is something we should all be proud of.


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