Terrorists: they’re not insane

September 5, 2006 at 8:33 pm (Islam, Islamism, Religion, The United States, The West)

Some people would like to dismiss terrorists by claiming that they are insane or crazy. To say this is to suggest that they simply do what they do because they feel like it, because they’ve been told to do it, or otherwise unthinkingly engaging in terrorism. It is quite nice, if one looks at it one way, to view terrorists as pawns.

But they’re not crazy or insane or irrational, especially irrational. Oh no. The problem is that they are quite rational. They have logic and reason and rationalizations to support their beliefs and actions. They do not unthinkingly engage in terrorism: they engage in terrorism deliberately, consciously, and knowingly.

It is difficult to understand how someone can pervert logic to such an extent, but people have always been able to do so.

Now, just because they use reason and logic does not mean reason and logic can convince them to abandon terrorism. No: their reason and logic has factored in opposition as well. These people are experts in cognitive dissonance: anything that threatens or opposes their reason and logic is a priori rejected as false. In a way, truth is what they imagine to exist rather than what actually exists.

As such, these are very dangerous people indeed. Negotiating, appeasing, or otherwise engaging them in an effort to get them to drop their agenda are all useless, and this applies equally well to Islamists (the fifth column using politics rather than weapons) as it does to terrorists.


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  1. iowerth ap gryffyd said,

    Muslims are ruled by the Moon, which is both their Symbol and their Calendar,
    they are therefore, by strict definition, Lunatics.
    In Egnlish Law Criminal Lunatics if correctly “sectioned” under the appropriate act, can be “detained pending Her Majesty’s pleasure”, i.e indefinitely, with no further process of law or trial.
    Mass Slaughter of folk of many religious persuasions at one stroke can be considered Lunacy ?

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