Islam: the impulse to conquer

August 31, 2006 at 12:31 am (Blogs, Islam, Islamism, Religion, The West, Theology)

In the thread when I publicly wrote about WickedPinto and posted a comment of his, he said:

another thing, you picked one of my LEAST forthright [comments] to mention me with. 🙂

And he was right.

He made a comment some time ago that has reverberated in my mind since the day he wrote it. On August 5, 2006, he wrote:

Clausewitz said that the purpose of war is to either destroy the opposition of the enemy, or to reduce the DESIRE of opposition. Of course I’m paraphrasing, but as long as the US and Israeli military are active participations of the opposition? We are looking at continuous war.

Tom Clancy in 1993 , in “Debt of Honor” described how “CNN aggree’d since they realized that they are AMERICAN before they are a news service” only, thats not true.

The media is the enemy, though arab israeli’s, who have all the rights of jews enjoy life within israel will blame the jews at the FIRST sign of suffering.

I know you were raised Islam, Mus, but ISLAM is EVIL, noone who ever EVER lived in the modern world, could possibly accidentaly ignore the DELIBERATE political aspect of Islam. Islam is not a religion it is a political doctrine, built on conquest, and SLAUGHTER!

You are the accademic, demonstrate it.

The very last sentence struck me pretty hard. He was and is right. I sometimes get so distracted by peripheral issues, and perhaps even blatant bias, that I fail to see and write about the situation as clearly as I should.

He also said:

You might not think that Islam is evil, but it is, and with this, maybe the WEST which is made up of secular, open nations, might finaly realize that if Islam is not the religion of the nation then they are heretics and deniers.

Maybe when their own citizens will act in such a way as to destroy the western lifestyle, then they might realize that Islam is NOT COMPATABLE with modernity.

I’m an Atheist, but I can tolerate Judaism, and Christianity in all it’s forms, but Islam?

Islam is a political form FIRST! youa re the accademic in this subject Muslihoon, but I can see quite EASILY, that Islam as it is, and as it was created, and as it is generaly practiced, can NEVER reconcile it’s self with computers, with science, and with anything other than the fundamental oppression of their fellow human, in fact, once the modern era comes to end (assuming Islam wins) they will target the other class of islam that they disagree with, and finaly? they will enslave women to the point of their own extinction, OR! to a much more open slavery of all women.

Hirsaan Ali has all the links you need to see the failures of islam and the treatment of women is only a START!

With that introduction, I will warn that this will not be a short post. I would like to write about Islam’s impulse of world domination.

When one looks at a map of world religions, one will see that Islam – those places where Islam is the dominant, majority, or official religion – spreads from Morocco in the west to Malaysia in the east, from Albania in the north to Indonesia in the south. How did a religion that began in the Arabian desert conquer so much area?

The answer lies in the question, in the word “conquer.”

Now, having said that, I come to a very important issue. What does someone mean when one says that “Islam was spread by the sword”? When someone says this, one has to ask:
What does one mean by “Islam” here?
What does one mean by “spread” here?
What does one mean by “by the sword” here?
What does one mean by “was” here: is one intentionally speaking only of the past?

As should become obvious, “Islam was spread by the sword” and “Islam was not spread by the sword” are not such simple statements.

Islam manifests itself in three separate but very interdependent ways:
1. As a community (the Muslim community or the ummah; actually, it would be communities as there are a number of Muslim communities rather than one community),
2. As a polity, and
3. As a religion (doctrines, theologies, practices, and so on).

The Muslim communities spread by migration and birth. The religion has often spread through missionary activity of Sufi saints and Muslim missionaries. In some cases, missionaries from various Islamic movements go to the same place and convert peoples and establish communities, in competition with those of other Islamic movements. This would explain, for example, the plethora of Muslim communities in South Asia.

But the Islamic polity has been spread by wars of conquest. So there is some justification to the point, often raised, that Islam was not forced on people, that it did not spread through forced conversions as Muslim armies conquered land. However, to say that people converted to Islam solely because they were attracted to it would be to oversimplify the situation to the point of misrepresenting it.

There are two primary reasons why Islam commands (or, as Muslims believe, God commands through Islam) that the Islamic polity must be expanded by all means. One reason is so that justice and righteousness (as determined by Islam) can be established and spread, so that those who should rule (meaning the leader of the Muslims) should rule, so that Muslims will rule rather than be ruled. The other reason is for the spread of Islam (as the Muslim community and as a religion) amongst the peoples. The latter is accomplished by placing inconveniences on non-Muslims. They were forbidden to build new structures for worship or to repair old houses of worship. Non-Muslims were made second-class citizens, and various measures taken to ensure their inferiority to Muslims was keenly felt. They were forbidden to spread their religion while Muslims were obligated to preach Islam to non-Muslims. It should be noted that the conditions of non-Muslims were worse than what was legislated by sharīʿah.

So a fundamental reason and justification for spreading the Islamic state was to spread the Islamic religion (setting aside other considerations such as the command that Muslims only rule). We see this very clearly in the Muslim communities today: what were Christian lands are now Muslim, what were pagan are now Muslim. As the Ottoman Empire annexed Romania, Bulgaria, and other parts of Eastern Europe, this pattern would have undoubtedly played out there as well.

Now, of course, Islam – all three manifestations of it – has been frustrated by an exceptionally resistant West. Despite the hold of Islam on Muslim communities, Islamic polity has, in a sense, disappeared. The caliphate, which existed since Muhammad’s death, was abolished in 1924.

In the eyes of some Muslims, Muslims are at a point where they need to reestablish Islam. This is a driving force behind militant fundamentalist Islam. They believe they must not only recover what Islam used to rule (and this would require establishing a regime or regimes that impose sharīʿah on all nominal Islamic states) but to fulfill Islam’s mandate of world conquest. As in the past, this is to be done by the sword if necessary.

We must be acutely aware of what militant Islamists are planning, because they will not stop until their goals are met. Their goal is the fall of and conquest over the West. Islam, unlike Christianity or Judaism, has clearly approved violence and force as methods to achieve conquest, so we do not have the luxury of appealing to theological pacifism.



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    If Islam is a faith serving the will of god, they will stop killing innocents who might be converted to the will of islam. Islam, as it was created was a political creature, Islam as it exists, is an oppresion of everyone. Isn’t there a current story that says MOST of islam as it is, isn’t islam, it is TRADITION abusing islam? As though islam wasn’t horrible enough.

    True, Christianity for a brief period (motivated by islam, thats why the SPANISH inquisition) was horrible, and judaism, supposedly in the old testament slaughtered millions, though there is no archeological evidence, but the scriptures of Jews do say that samson slaughtered thousands out of spite for his wife, and david destroyed a peoples on the lands of israel.

    However, there is no proof of that, and I need to check my newspaper, but jews and christians aren’t as EAGER to recreate those situations NEARLY as much as Muslims are hoping that they can slaughter every jew, every christian, and just wash their hands of the taint of non followers, so that they can rule the world as “ook ook” ignorant monkeys.

  2. Wickedpinto said,

    I didn’t mean monkey racially, I meant realy stupid bipeds. Just wanted to clear that up, thats why I had the “ook ook” part, but It actually just made it look worse than it was.

  3. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy » On “moderate Muslims” said,

    […] Muslihoon has several posts that you need to read from the last couple of days. I’m just serving them up for right now, because due to time I can’t write anything yet–not that I can possibly add to what he’s said, anyway. When I read Muslihoon, I just read and absorb it. Read these: Islam: The Impulse to Conquer When one looks at a map of world religions, one will see that Islam – those places where Islam is the dominant, majority, or official religion – spreads from Morocco in the west to Malaysia in the east, from Albania in the north to Indonesia in the south. How did a religion that began in the Arabian desert conquer so much area? The answer lies in the question, in the word conquer. The root of problems from Islam is Islam itself Proponents of moderate Islam claim that the problem resides in the interpretation of Islams fundamental sources (which comprise of the Qurn, ahadth, sunnah, and sharah): change the interpretation and the problem is solved! But this is not entirely correct. […]

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