How recruiters are meeting their goals

August 31, 2006 at 12:37 am (Amusement, Blogs, Military)

From “How Recruiting keeps making mission” by BLACKFIVE comes a very informative video clip: “How We Do It” by Station Commando of Recruiting Tirade.


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  1. Ernesto Ribeiro said,

    Jihadists voices from Hell (Islamic world) are the most popular… so, the muslim peoples themselves (Sunni and Shiite alike) is so ‘moderate’ as their ‘heroes’ and idols…

    Nelson Ascher:

    Leftists intellectuals (Chomsky, Hobsbawn, Vidal, Sontag) ‘translate’ Jihad statements:

    When Bin Laden launches war on “jews, crusaders, christians”, his words are translated as ‘zionists, conservatives, capitalists’.

    When a clerig makes sure “homossexuals, adulteress females, no-beard men and no-veil women deserves die by stoning”, the unique interpretation to his sermon is ‘a metaforic-metaphysic attack against Hollywood and George Bush’.

    And that classic sentence which the Afgan mujaheedin Maulana Inyadullah said to a reporter “Americans like movies and Pepsi-Cola, but we really like death.” means ‘Proletarians worldwide, unite you!’

    Nelson Ascher is a conservative Brazilian journalist, essayist and poet.

    The complete anti-Islam files

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