Irani Propaganda

August 23, 2006 at 1:37 am (Arabic, Iran, Islamism, Israel, Judaism, Languages, Middle East, Persian, The Media)

Christopher Taylor alerted me to two Irani websites. Let us take a look tonight at Irani propaganda.

One is Moqavemat, which means “Resistance” in Arabic and Persian. On the head of the page there are two things written: the top says: المقاومة الاسلامية فى لبنان, “al-muqāwimat al-islāmiyyah fī libnān” (“The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon); below it says: انجمن دفاع از مقاومت اسلامی لبنان و فلسطین, “anjoman-e dafā’ az moghāvemat-e eslāmī-ye lebnān o/va felestīn” (“o/va” may be either the one or the other) (“The Association of Defense from the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon and Palestine”). This is an Irani website dedicated to propaganda for Hezbollah, and can be read in Persian (what one gets when one goes to the main page), Arabic, English, and French. (French is spoken in Lebanon and Syria.)

On the right side of the main page, there are a few pictures. They are links. The first one is broken. (It don’t know if the “.tv” is indicative of anything.)

Below that is a picture of two mosque domes. It’s a link to some website with “Rasad” in the name. رسد, “rasad”, means “troop” in Persian. The name of the webpage, below the bismillaah, is: باشگاہ مطالعاتی و تحقیقاتی صھیونیسم پژوھی, “bāshgāh-e motāle’ātī o/va tehghīghātī sehyavonīsam-e pezhūhī,” meaning “Investigative Club of Studies and Research of Zionism.” (The choice of “baashgaah” was extremely curious: every place I went translated it as “club, club-house.” Very strange choice of words.)

Below that there is a picture of two men: the first face (the left-most one) is that of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Hossayni Khāmeneī, the current “Rahbar” (Supreme Leader) of Iran; the second face (on the right) is that of Grand Ayatollah (often titled “Imam”) Ruhollah Khomeini. (Note: despite the similarity in their last names, there is no relations between them.) The name of this website is “Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei official website – I.R.R.C.I.” (I have no idea what “IRRCI” means.) One may read the website in Persian or in English. When chosing which language one wants, one finds out that the website’s purpose (and semi-official name?) is “News site of the Institute for Preserving and Publishing Works by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.” (The Persian above it says the same thing.) The juxtaposition of the faces of Khāmeneī and Khomeini are important for Khāmeneī and his supporters. A majority of the world’s Shiite experts don’t really have much respect for him, quite unlike Khāmeneī’s predecessor, Khomeini. Khāmeneī was designated (essentially appointed) by Khomeini to succeed him. When time came to succeed Khomeini, Khāmeneī wasn’t even an ayatollah, let alone a Grand Ayatollah. This has caused some problems for him. Over time, many fanatical Iranis have not only accepted Khāmeneī as a Grand Ayatollah but revere him as the one whom all Shiites should follow or, at the very least, revere, as was with Khomeini.

The grand finale is saved for last: the last picture, the last link. Look carefully. What does it say? Yes! Even in English! “Psychological Operations.” I was so stoked: now we can reveal Irani psyops! But I had judged the website’s purpose too soon. (The website may be read in Persian through the main page or in English. However, both versions are different. Just compare each language’s main page.) According to the “About Us” page in English, the website is devoted to exposion Zionist psyops. However, in reality, this is psyops on the part of anti-Semitic Iranis: presenting “news” and “facts” “exposing” “Zionists” is part of the anti-Semites’ psychological operations’ modi operandi. I’m going to translate the “About Us” page on the Persian version: things are a bit different, even if it is the same information in different words. Example: the English “About Us” page says “ex-US Embassy” while the Persian “About Us” page says “former espionage den.”

To end, a few notes:
1. Islamist and anti-Semitic propaganda is becoming very slick and appealing. Not a lot of it is in English, not that people would necessarily look for it.

2. Anti-Semitism is a major element of Irani propaganda. Everything is blamed on the Zionists (and they make no difference between Zionists, Jews, or Israelis or between Zionism, Judaism, and Israel) and/or America.

3. I’m going to see which sites on the PsyOps page I should expose. I may look into the Persian ones (translating the “About Us” page will be work enough for me), but I can see a few English pages that are worth exposing already.

4. I’m going to soon begin rendering transliterations using macrons on vowels and perhaps a few other such stuff. I won’t make it complicated. This will be to make reading and comprehending the pronunciation a bit easier. Using macrons rather than double letters makes for smoother reading and typing. Please let me know if these characters do not show up on your browser. I like adding the original script (even though the script is so tiny), but do let me know if it becomes distracting, bothersome, ugly, or otherwise impractical.

5. Major thanks to Christopher Taylor for telling me about Moqavemat and the PsyOps pages!

6. If anyone has better translations for what I have translated or who can translate Persian and/or Arabic better than I can, I warmly and gladly welcome any correction.



  1. Christopher Taylor said,

    Wow that was fast, thanks a ton. This is just information I think we need to have exposed and out there if only to understand our enemy better. These guys rely rather heavily on the knowledge that few of us speak or read Persian or Arabic. They rely on the ability to openly transmit stuff we’ll find gibberish.

  2. Dex said,

    true, ct, we need more echthrologists.

  3. Melly said,

    Well, I am Iranian but I don’t feel or believe any of those PsyOps pages you mentioned! also mentioned that those sites belong to Khamenei who is the leader of a nation by forcing it to be!..He is NOT and can NOT be a representetive of Iran. To know and understand a culture or belief one should study the whole nation/group and its historyand its causes and effects, not just by looking at a psycho person and reading his words, who is not even one of those people!..( Some believe Khameneie’s bg goes back to Lebonan! and most of government !)

    Can Michael Jackson present America as a whole nation??!!!

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