Stupid people who should not be rooting for terrorists

August 22, 2006 at 11:01 pm (Arab society, Arabs, Homosexuality, Idiots, Islam, Islamism, Israel, Judaism, Leftist idiocy, Middle East, Military, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Personal, Religion, Religions, South Asia, The Left, The United States, The West, US Government, War)

There are a variety of people who root for terrorism-sympathizing peoples. This includes rooting for Hezbollah, Hamas, other Palestinian militant organizations, Islamist regimes and societies, and so on. This includes protesting against those people who are fighting these threats; these valiant warriors against oppression and terrorism include Jews, the State of Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces, the Armed Forces of The United States, The Government of The United States, and so on and so forth. This amuses me because these same people, in the lands for which they are protesting or rooting, would be oppressed, suppressed, prosecuted, persecuted, and most likely (considering their outspoken nature) killed.

Such categories, from which such amusing protestors come from, are:
– Jews
– Christians
– atheists
– feminists
– homosexuals
– leftists
– communists and socialists
– pacifists

They amuse me because while the terrorists and their supporters take great pride in the support of these people (“Look! Even people in the West support us!”), these peoples’ counterparts there are suffering under oppressive regimes.

Did you know that the State of Israel grants asylum to Israelis’ Arab same-sex partners because homosexuals are severely oppressed and persecuted in the Palestinian Territories? For all the homosexuals’ whining about equal rights and respect, it seems blatantly hypocritical to condemn the Israeli government and support Palestinian militants.

And Jews?! It’s like supporting The Third Reich, for crying out loud! What part of “Drive them all into the Sea!” do they not understand?! I’ll stop here regarding this group before I have an aneurysm. (No offense to those who have suffered from or are susceptible to aneurysms. Such people may want to stop reading this post now, for that matter.)

I can understand why some pacifists (Anabaptists, for example, and others who hold pacifist theologies) would protest the West’s armed efforts in resisting terrorists. These pacifists oppose all armed conflict, no matter who’s doing it. But there are some pacifists who condemn the West’s efforts but applaud, support, or refuse to equally condemn the terrorists’ efforts. They, evidently, are “in solidarity” with the terrorists. I’m sorry, but such pacifists are utter idiots: pacifists either condemn all violence or they are horrid partisans hiding behind the veil of pacifism. If the West’s violence deserves condemnation, then so much more does our enemies’ violence deserve condemnation.

Solidarity reminds me…substantial numbers of communists and socialists are vocal in their condemnation of the West’s efforts and equally vocal in supporting the “struggles” of the terrorists. Utter poppycock. Such ideological fools are never taken seriously by terrorists and their supporters: their ideology has been soundly rejected by the Arab and Muslim worlds. They will make no friends among the “struggling” people, and they certainly won’t make friends by condemning the West, in whose midst they live and because of whose ways they flourish. Do they not know that their freedom to protest, which they use so often here, does not exist in the lands whose “struggle” they protest for? Virtually all protests there are orchestrated. And they do not tolerate anti-government, pro-Leftist protests.

Ah, and feminists. Arab and Muslim societies remain one of the most oppressive for women. (Also, uncivilized African societies, many of whom still practice shamanistic animism.) Whether this is because of cultural or religious reasons is irrelevant: it is oppressive and dangerous for women, and it’s not going to change. Women are murdered there, in cold blood and with society’s approval and even commendation, simply for falling in love or speaking her mind or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Let me tell you a small secret: in many societies, a woman has no rights. None whatsoever. When she is small, she is under her father. When she marries, she is under her husband. When she becomes a widow, she is under her sons. Her duty is to serve. Any deviation is considered to be unnatural. Any dishonor she might bring is considered just cause for “accidental” deaths or deliberate murder. Every year countless women are raped (and thus desprived of any future), killed, maimed, abused, and injured. And people will not blame the man who inflicted these unjust sufferings: they blame the woman. Female infanticide is not unheard of there, despite Islam’s claim to have ended the practice. The situation in the West is so different. The difference between the two is like comparing Heaven and Hell! And feminists will feel no constraint condemning the West while remaining silent on or even supporting woman-oppressing societies. Strange, that they will condemn those societies more wont to honor women (American and even Israeli societies) while remaining in solidarity with societies and peoples who routinely oppress women. It’s as exasperating as Jews condemning the West and standing “in solidarity” with societies that would rather have them die.

Wickedpinto has asked me a number of times to write about how societies over there oppress women. I have yet to honor his request, but I will. We all need to be aware what life is like there, what societies there are like. And we all must pressure these societies to abandon their inhuman ways against women.

I was not born in the Old Country, but I have lived there. I know that society. And it frustrates me when people who ought to be thankful and grateful for the freedom and rights and liberties that are available and enforced here, instead turn around and condemn this society and speak up in favor of the one they escaped from or societies like it. I know that the triumph of the West is a matter of life and death for me: I have already said and done enough to seal my execution warrant if the West fails. And I dare say that many people would find life extremely difficult and painful if the West fails. Take my word for it: tolerance and rights are only concepts there, never realities.



  1. shimauma said,

    This is about the 4th article of yours I have read and I’ve come to the conclusion that you are the most awesomely righteous writer I have read to date. VERY cool.

  2. AL DAOUAHIRI said,


  3. jegen said,

    Brovo, i totally agree with you. I suggest that they stay a few days in Moslem country say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran or Malaysia where a came from. Let them pratice Judaism, Anabaptist, pacifist, homosexsual, lesbian, atheism, communist, Christinity etc there. Then the know what Islam is! Hey, I came from there and I know that there is no religious freedom, liberty, free speech, etc. You westerner suck, you thought that you will not subject to Islam rules because you live in the west.

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