Woohoo! The French!

August 21, 2006 at 2:04 pm (Amusement, Blogs, International community, Leftist idiocy, Middle East, Military, The United Nations)

Evidently, the method France and The United Nations would like to use to convince Hezbollah to disarm (from “Disproportionate Response II” by Forkum of Cox & Forkum):
Disproportionate Response II


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  1. Wickedpinto said,

    Theres a series of books, I forget the name of the author off the top of my head, but he wrote a series titled “the belgariad,” and “the malloreon” I think were the names of the respective trillogies. Anyways, in that series of fantasy books, there is this one hardened old soldier who was always negative about a battle before they went into battle, or establlished defenses. Talking about how “the siege of (name of fantasy city) lasted 12 years! and at the end it took 20 to rebuild the city” only to turn around and establish defense of a city thinking it was gonna take 20 years to fight off the siege. (this is all useless info, I’m just trying to say that this character was the classic bitchy serviceman, who complained constantly while still doing his job superbly)

    There is one point in one of the books where there is this peace loving nation, that has no idea of how to fight a war, never fought a war and didn’t understand why they were now at war. The old soldier guy says “well it’s not a war until you defend yourselves, if you want peace, just let them in and don’t fight them, you will have your peace, but it won’t look like this one” or something to that affect. Later the main character asked him if he thought he was serious and the old soldier says “absolutely! the first battle of a war is always the fault of the defender” Then a bunch of long stories about other nations, and some philosophical thing following, and closing out with another question by the main character of “if thats so why you still in the war business?” (all of this is paraphrased, and memory) to which this guy who has been a soldier for decades, and the old soldier says “I hate war, and I hate battle, but I got into this because I loved my home”

    I don’t know what I mean by that, but it serves the purpose of relating to this speaking of “peace” with the UN and French voice. To me anyways.

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