Advice from The Pope

August 21, 2006 at 4:23 am (Amusement, Christianity, News)

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has sage advice for the world: Don’t work too hard.

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  1. Wickedpinto said,

    When I worked in the city, I worked with this one african guy, as in AFRICAN, not black, AFRICAN, get that black people? People from AFRICA! are African-American, Americans with a high melanin content are AMERICANS!

    anyways, I worked with this african guy who moved out here, and busted his ass at work, and developed a good life, I think he was nigerian, he married an American woman (GASP! a WHITE one) and he had developed a good life here, he had a small house, with a tiny bit of land just outside the boundaries of the city. He invited his mother here (his dad is dead, probably cuz he lived in FUCKING AFRICA!) and his mother moved in with him for a while. Eventualy his mother didn’t want to live here anymore, “you work to hard!” he never once thought that his mother should get a job, he just wanted to have his mother close to him, so he could share his prosperity, in America with his mother. She didn’t want to leave America cuz She had to work hard, she wanted to leave America cuz everyone else did. He was in his 20’s when he came to the US, so he was familiar with African life in his home country, but he would rather work hard and be left alone. His mother would rather be harrassed daily and never have to work hard.

    I learned this one day when he made a stupid mistake and broke my machine, and I had to fix it for him (I was a fixer, he was an operator) and I always get to know the people I work with. I was amazed, FUCKING AMAZED at how disappointed he was with his own mother for that attitude. I would say I was kinda iffy about the whole multi-cultural thing until then, but he cemented it in my noggin. There is a reason that people come to America, and there is a reason taht people are proud of America, and it has nothing to do with “not working hard.”

    If the pope doesn’t want people to work too hard? it’s cuz he wants people to read the bible more, rather than improve the society in which they live, through hard work and effort and scientific and social advancement. If you’ve ever read the bible (I’ve pretty much always been an agnostic, now I’m an atheist) as I have from cover to cover, it’s a LOT OF WORK! It takes a level of self discipline to get through the begatting of every book that most Marines don’t have, let alone finish the disjointed broken language of the bible.

    My first full read was King James (far better than the New Inspiration Bible which was my second, and last) and, it’s not literature, it’s a broken history. Imagine “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” after shuffling the pages. screw the popes suggestion. Work your ass off, but work your ass off for something you find value in, all the world, all the nation and all your family will love you for your effort, your value, and your joy. If theres a god? I think he would too.

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