Iraq and Oil: some thoughts

August 20, 2006 at 12:09 am (International community, Iraq, Leftist idiocy, The United States, US Government)

“No War for Oil” or “No Blood for Oil” are common chants of the Left in opposing Operation Iraqi Liberation. All good and well. Except we really haven’t received any oil breaks from our alleged “occupation” of Iraq.

We did not go into Iraq for the oil. If we did, we would have completely ignored the various militias and terrorists, focusing only on rebuilding and protecting Iraq’s oil infrastructure. Recall that European states (especially Russia and The United Kingdom) are experts in this tactic: concern oneself only with those areas in a state where one’s interests lie. The United States could have learned from them. Instead, we have focused on rebuilding all of Iraq’s infrastructure and making it a safer and more stable state.

Even so, I believe that The United States has an interest in helping Iraq resume its oil production. It is in the interest of entire Coalition in Iraq: this will help Iraq stand on its feet and depend less on foreign assistance.

When that day comes, I believe The United States should be given special considerations. A lot of the money and technology is coming from The United States. The very possibility that Iraq can rebuild its oil infrastructure is thanks to The United States. It would be extremely unwise for The United States to have invested so much money and people without any dividends. A safe, secure, and viable Iraq is sure a great boon for The United States, but at the same time The United States should not simply give away technology and so much effort. The simple demands of economy dictate that Iraq extend special considerations to all who have contributed to its resurrection.

Some people would find such a tactic to be heartless. In a way it is: it is tough love. The United States would not be doing Iraq any favors by babying it into viability. Iraq must accustom itself to acting as a state among states in the international community and in the world market. By beginning to do so with The United States, Iraq has the benefit of dealing with a friend who would be patient with Iraq and willing to assist in whatever ways would be best for both sides. I absolutely refute the charge that The United States should expend its resources pro bono. Such calls are utterly ridiculous, impractical, and in the end harmful for all involved.


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