Iran: deceiving us or scared?

August 16, 2006 at 4:30 pm (Blogs, Iran, Islamism, Languages, Persian, The Media)

Captain’s Quarters informs us (“Iran Agrees To Discuss Nuclear Halt” by Captain Ed) that Iran has backed down on its insistence on continuing its nuclear development, saying it is willing to negotiate (where before it insisted there could be and would be no negotiations). Especially after Hezbollah’s pyrrhic victory, this may be seen as a sign that Iran thinks it lost in the Israeli-Arab War or that it needs to soften its stance in face of a strong or assertive West. I would disagree with such an assessment.

Such tactics are quite routine for rogue states like Iran and North Korea: they make inflammatory remarks and then ever so often signal willingness to negotiate or back down. It’s part of their campaign to confuse us (with all this blustering, we either misread their true intentions and beliefs or are at a total loss as to what their true intentions and beliefs are).

What I would like to know is what words Iran is using in Farsi to announce this shift in policy. What they say in English and what they say in Farsi can be quite different.

This is just my guess, though, for what it’s worth.


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