Olmert: on his way out?

August 15, 2006 at 9:22 pm (Arab society, Arabs, Fox News, International community, Iran, Islamism, Israel, Middle East, Military, The United States, US Government, War)

It seems that Olmert may be in trouble. The very circumstances that bouyed the popularity of his government might lead to his own undoing.

As the war dragged on, Fox News had been reporting that many in Israel were frustrated that Olmert had not sent Israeli troops into Lebanon to wipe out Hezbollah from the border to the Litani, establishing a buffer zone. Things looked like he was preparing for such an operation – calling up reservists, assembling armies, preparing armed forces to impose military-led rule over Lebanese. And yet nothing happened. Soon before the ceasefire, Olmert gave the orders for the invasion, but it was too late.

Personally, I am disappointed in Olmert and his government. His failure to push to the Litani, as painful as it may have been, will harm Israel. Israel cannot trust the international community to disarm Hezbollah. Anyone who believes Hezbollah will be disarmed is an idiot. After this, Hezbollah will only get stronger, continuing to receive arms and finances from Iran and Syria. Who knows, maybe Iran and Syria will provide Hezbollah better and more sophisticated and advanced arms.

However, I feel there is more to this than meets the eye. The United States coordinates its Middle East foreign policy with Israel. Its efforts for a ceasefire must have been approved by Olmert’s government. This was not something Israel was forced to accept. If Israel did not want a ceasefire, The United States would give Israel a little more time. This is way it has always been. I do not know why Olmert’s government wanted a ceasefire, what it sought to achieve from this.

Unless, however, this is Israel’s equivalent of Muslim hudnah – a ceasefire to rearm and prepare for the next round. Even so, I am lost and confused as to what Olmert’s government is seeking to get from its recent acts.

And it seems that Olmert might reap the fruits of his failure. Here are two articles from The Jerusalem Post (which, I will admit, has a right-of-center slant):
“Our World: The Olmert government must go” by Caroline Glick
“The countdown for Olmert has begun” by Anshel Pfeffer

This also does not bode well:
“Olmert admits ‘shortcomings’ in war” by Sheera Claire Frenkel

Let’s see what happens. Israelis are very serious about their national security. This could be the very opportunity Likud and Netanyahu need to come back into power. As it was, Kadima was less a political party and more Ariel Sharon’s fanclub. With Sharon incapacitated, there’s no need for Kadima. Might as well go back to Likud, which Sharon led before splitting.


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