Israel and Lebanon – through Pakistan’s voices

August 4, 2006 at 5:22 pm (International community, Islamism, Israel, Middle East, Military, Pakistan, The Media)

Reading Pakistani reactions to the Israel-Lebanon War is very depressing. (It would be depressing to people from both sides, really.) The rhetoric and propaganda here is unbelievable. It saddens me how so much goes unchallenged, how so much is repeated, when it is obvious that people have not thought their positions through.

First of all, there is no doubt that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, one that unprovokedly launched a war with Israel, crossing the Lebanese-Israeli border. Despite this fact, and despite the great damage Hezbollah has brought upon Lebanon and its people, the people here in Pakistan are vociferous supporters of Hezbollah. They see Hezbollah as activists against Israeli occupation and intransigence.

What Israeli occupation and intransigence? They are stupid. Israel had left Lebanon alone. Israel unilaterally withdrew from its buffer zone in southern Lebanon. There was nothing Israel had done to which Hezbollah could have been responding to. I don’t understand where they get this canard from that Hezbollah is resisting Israel’s nefarious land-greedy plans.

The situation has been presented in an entirely skewed manner. Israel is being condemned for striking at Lebanese targets. Israel accused of deliberately striking civilians targets. Israel is called blood-thirsty and terrorist. (Legislation has been introduced into the Pakistani government to label Israel a terrorist state.)

This is ridiculous! How can they be so idiotic as to even believe, let alone go on to repeatedly claim, that Israel deliberately strikes civilians targets? Where is the condemnation on Hezbollah for placing the people in danger by firing rockets near them? Why has this tactic been ignored? Why has it not been reported? If people are really so concerned about Lebanese civilians, then one would assume they would condemn Hezbollah for its tactics. It angers me that Hezbollah is being allowed to get away with their diabolical tactics which make the Muslim world condemn Israel but not Hezbollah.

And then there is the usual anti-American statements. I really don’t see how this is America’s war (or, as it would be seen, another one of America’s anti-Islamic war). America really has no influence over Israel in this issue. Israel will do what it believes it must do. Why and how they got America involved as a perpetrator escapes me, but I suppose such is the mentality that everything unpleasant is America’s fault and doing.

One writer to the editor said that the Jews have gotten too big for their shoes, so much so that neither the US nor the United Nations can control them or rein them in. “No wonder Europe did not give a state to the Jews” he wrote. Oy, such dreck!


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  1. matt brown said,

    Sometimes I think that Arabs (even Arab-Americans, for I’ve heard my Lebanese friends blame the recent deaths in Lebanon all on Israel) simply don’t understand why America supports Israel, or why Jews in America will continue to do so even when it seems the entire world is against them. There are governments that America supports for reasons of self-interest and expediency: the House of Saud, for instance; but Israel is the one nation in the Middle East that is a truly national secular state. It’s a Jewish country with a secular outlook (rather like parts of New York or Miami!).

    The American people support Israel, even when it is not in our “national interest” — that is our economic interest — to do so. That’s just a fact. I’ve heard many Arab Muslims make a distinction between the American government and the American people, and doing so the forget that American foreign policy is subject to popular opinion. The US isn’t fighting for the Jews, or for Israel; the US supports the right of Israel to exist in peace. Americans support that, on the whole, and will continue to do so, no doubt.

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