Surprise for me: Fox News

August 1, 2006 at 6:05 pm (Fox News, Pakistan, Personal, The Media)

So, I’m in Islamabad, Pakistan, with my father as he is here on a business trip. We’re staying at the Marriott Hotel.

My father’s flipping through the channels, settles on one, and leaves it on. I turn and look over, and was shocked and awed that it was Fox News. Fox News in Pakistan. Fox News in Islamabad, Pakistan. Fox News in Marriott in Islamabad, Pakistan. CNN, BBC, Sky News – these I can understand. But Fox News? The staunchly pro-American no-holds-barred pro-Bush news network? Yes. That very one. With the graphic of a flying American flag behind the “LIVE” word in the upper left hand corner.

I was so happy and pleased.

While eating dinner, the restaurant had two screens. One had CNN; the other had Fox News. The constrast was so glaring. I felt a little depressed. CNN is so honored yet so obviously biased. Fox News is much-maligned yet quite edifying.

One thing I will say is that of all the news networks, it seems that Fox tries to be the most balanced. On various topics, they bring on people from each side. But Fox News is not afraid to take a stand and stick with it. Other networks won’t admit to this; Fox News is unabashedly strong on its stand, admits to it, and is obvious about it.

I think Fox News is a great boon for people who are really in the reality-based world: Fox tends to focus on facts (especially regarding The United States and The State of Israel) that other networks tend to ignore or gloss over. This is crucial in a place like Pakistan, which is mentally ruled by groupthink to a large degree. A network like Fox can break the groupthink’s hold and can introduce important considerations and issues.

Take, for example, their coverage of the Israel-Arab War. Rather than incessantly show pictures of Lebanese mourning and running and suffering, Fox News focuses on both what’s happening in Lebanon and in Israel. One reporter in Israel, for example, spoke in detail about communities being shelled by Katyushas. He showed a part of a Katyusha rocket that landed near the news team some time before. This is excellent: it shows what’s going on in Israel as well. Too many people, especially in Muslim countries, are constantly ignoring what the Israeli people are going through. Fox News also focuses on facts that I have yet to hear or read in the media here: Israel’s investigations, Israel’s warning of communities it strikes, Israel’s striking sites used by Hezbollah, the complicity of other states in Hezbollah’s acts, the necessity of Israel being strong and continuing to fighting.

Fox News also has access to a number of people that other networks don’t. (This is the other networks’ fault: they don’t make these people feel welcome whereas Fox provides a receptive and welcoming ear.) Shoebat, Barbara Newman, others. Their words are necessary for us – in The United States and throughout the world – to hear.

I have never been such a big fan of Fox News. That’s because people in America tend to think for themselves to some degree, especially when compared to people in other areas. As one in Pakistan, as considering that Fox News is received here, I must say: God bless Fox News, and may its reach expand exponentially in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.


  1. bloodstomper said,

    Good doggie.

  2. elzbth said,

    I have seen CNN abroad and it tends to be very anti-American in its newscasts. It’s not the same as the CNN seen here.

  3. Kath said,

    Wow, that’s great news! Hope you’re having a good time
    Stay safe

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