Bad news from The Jerusalem Post

July 29, 2006 at 4:56 am (Islamism, Israel, Middle East, News, The United States)

A few days ago, a burnt body was found in the trunk of an Israeli car. Israeli police began investigating. From “Aksa Brigades claim murder of Yakir resident” by Staff of The Jerusalem Post, we learn:

The Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades claimed responsibility on Friday night for the murder of 60-year-old Yakir resident Dr. Daniel Ya’akovi.

Ya’akovi was reported missing before his remains were found. For reference, Yakir is in the West Bank.

So: Arab terrorists killed and burned the remains of an Israeli.

News number two: an assailant claiming to be a Muslim American entered into the building of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle in downtown Seattle and opened fire, killing 1 and injuring 5. More can be read in “1 dead, 5 wounded in attack on Seattle Jewish Federation” by the Associated Press, available through The Jerusalem Post.

I’d say I’d wait breathlessly for Muslims worldwide to denounce this attack, but I don’t want to die of asphyxiation.



  1. Debbie said,

    Off topic, but watch the movie “Obsession” (about what we are fighting in this war on terror) on the web free here:

  2. elzbth said,

    Actually, it is doubtful that “the rest of the world” will even mention this attack, let alone denounce it. They respond with selective indignation.

  3. Muslihoon said,

    How so very true, elzbth. Nothing has been mentioned in the newspapers here in Pakistan.

    Thanks for the video, Debbie.

  4. Wickedpinto said,

    The US and UK and Israel should appologize to the “muslim nations” the DAY! that muslim nations recognize the attrocities of muslims in the name of islam, and will act against the actions of Islam against, well, hell, even ISLAM! as a foundation of hatred of the US, UK and Israel.

    Islam, as it is, in fact, as it is now, is as it was when it was founded, is nothing more than a political oppression of land, and oppinion.

    Shame that we the west are so small and weak to allow them validation.

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