Quick note on 2 Arab boys killed in Nazareth by Hezbollah

July 22, 2006 at 6:38 pm (Arabic, Islamism, Israel, Languages, Middle East, Persian)

According to “Nasrallah: Children killed in Nazareth – shahids” (no author given) by Ynetnews, the leader of Hezbollāh1, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah2, said that he apologized for the deaths of the two Palestinian boys who were killed when a Hezbollāh Katyusha rocket hit Nazareth3. He also said that he considered them to be martyrs4 for Palestine. How convenient of his paradigm. However, from what I understand, a martyr usually choses his/her martyrdom rather than having it imposed on him/her, as is the case here.

For all the world’s concern for Palestinians/Arabs and their suffering, the world’s silence on this tragedy is quite deafening.

Notes (these were fun!):
1. Arabic/Persian: حزب اللہ; hezbollāh (Persian) or ḥizbullāh (Arabic); “the Army of God”

2. Arabic/Persian: شیخ حسّن نصر اللہ; shaykh hassan nasrollāh (Persian) or shaykh ḥassan naṣrullāh (Arabic); “nasrollāh/naṣrullāh” means “the help or victory of/from God”

3. Arabic: انّاصرۃ; an-nāṣirah (Arabic), an-nāsirah (Persian, et cetera); Hebrew: נצרת; natzerat (Sephardi) or natzeras (Ashkenazi); English: Nazareth

4. Literally shaheeds:
Arabic/Persian/et cetera singular: شھید; shahīd; literally, “witness,” often used to mean “martyr” in the sense of a witness for the faith

Arabic dual: شھیدان (nominative; rare), shahīdān; شھیدین (oblique; usual), shahīdayn; “two witnesses/martyrs”

Arabic plural: شھداء; shuhadā’ (Arabic), shohadā (Persian); “witnesses/martyrs”

Update: replaced regular haa’ with taa’ marbootah in the Arabic for Nazareth.


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