I learn something new every day

July 18, 2006 at 4:28 pm (International community, Israel, Middle East, The United Nations)

According to “Israeli strike kills 11 Lebanese soldiers” by Sam F. Ghattas of The Associated Press (courtesy Yahoo! News):

The current U.N. force in southern Lebanon has proven impotent and a larger, stronger force could hamper any future Israeli attacks, should any deal fall apart.

Oh. So there is supposed to be a UN force preventing clashes between Israel and Hezbollah? I did not know that. Especially considering with what impunity Hezbollah acted, it’s as if the UN force doesn’t exist.

It’s smart of the Israelis to not trust UN forces.


  1. The Exorcist said,

    It’s even smarter for little girls in the Sudan to not trust UN forces. Those world police boys bring a whole new meaning to the word “force”, as long as it’s just little girls being forced and not peace-loving Islamotics.


  2. Icepick the Mad! said,

    What’s worse would be UN forces with food and sweets riding around local grade schools in a dirty white van.

    Icepick the Mad!

  3. HayZeus said,

    Remember the 2002 kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah? The one where the tangos dressed up in UN uniforms and drove UN vehicles and then kidnapped the soldiers in front of the peacekeepers who promptly denied it ever happened, refused to co-operate with the Israeli investigation and even went so far as to hide their video of the incident? Yes, they’ve certainly done their job in Lebanon well, haven’t they?

  4. HayZeus said,

    I can’t imagine why the Israelis wouldn’t trust the UN.

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