July 16, 2006 at 7:20 am (International community, Iran, Islamism, Israel, Middle East, Military, News, Palestinian Territories)

Some pictures and maps and stuff to help you understand the current Arab-Israeli War.

Here is a picture with the countries involved – Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, and Syria.
Middle East general

Another picture of the northern front, without Latakia and other cities:
Middle East Places 1

Here is a picture with cities of concern in the northern front. Although Damascus is the capital of Syria, Latakia is where the President of Syria and/or Khalid Masha’al are right now. The palace buzzed by the Israeli Air Force was at Latakia. Baalbek is where Hezbollah and one of Iran’s forces are very involved.
Middle East Places 2

Here is a picture of northern Israel, to give an idea where the cities struck by Hezbollah are.
Middle East Northern Israel

Many people talk about the “Bekaa Valley.” In Syria, the Bekaa Governate consists of most of the Bekaa Valley. I am including here a graphic of the Bekaa Governate (which is in red).
Bekaa Governate

And finally, from The Jerusalem Post, a graphic showing which cities were struck.
Map of Katyusha attacks


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