Some Fun: II

July 14, 2006 at 7:10 am (Amusement, South Asia)

Talking about random…here’s one thing that floored me.

My father and I, we go to the movie theater to watch Inside Man. I thought it was a good movie, by the way. Anyway, the movie starts and the most surreal thing happens. I can’t begin to describe how weird it was. There, in an American movie theater, for an American movie, full of American moviegoers, the introduction of Chhaiyya Chhaiyya, a Bollywood song, begins. The introduction is quoting some poem to some music. Wow. Just wow.

Then Clive Owen comes up on the screen and begins speaking. Ah, that was refreshing.

But, that’s not all. Once Mr. Owen is done, the song begins in earnest. And it plays through the opening credits. I literally could not close my mouth. I was shocked. Shocked! Very pleasant, very surreal. I have no idea why they chose this song. The choice was so random. So unexpected. The song is a remix of the original version, and it’s a very good remix indeed.

And so I present to you: “Chhaiyya Chhaiyya” a la Inside Man (4:06 minutes). Here is the video of the whole song from the original Hindi movie, Dil Se (From the Heart) (6:56 minutes).



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    In 2001, I recorded “True story of blackhawk down” though in 98, I watched the unedited 2 and 1/2 hour docu.

    My father served in vietnam, my father was Motor T, and all my life I knew that my father served, I never knew that he was a memeber of either, (I forget, time plays tricks) a member of the 7th, or 9th motor T. If you ever read “how we won the war” by Vo Ngyuen Giap, as I did when I was about 15, well, whichever one, I THINK it was 7th motor T that was WHIPED out by guerrilla tactics of Vo. in 68. My Father, was one of the reinforcements supporting that support group.

    I never knew that, in fact, I don’t know it now, I can’t put any of my history together with my fathers truth. My father has NUMEROUS awards, but he always refuses to talk about the things he actually did, and I don’t think he did MUCH, but he did something, and I don’t know about jack SHIT of what he did in “The Nam,” In fact, you know how humble my old man was? He never mentions “The Nam” the only reason I know that guys of that age, at that time of service used that term, “The Nam,” is cuz of his best friend.

    I knew my father served, and I knew he served during “The Nam” and I knew he was IN “The Nam” but I don’t know a DAMN THING HE DID! NOT ONE!

    I enlisted 30 years later, and he was so proud, all I knew is we shared a branch of service, and while I was in, I lit him up everytime he would ask me about classified info (I had small bits of info, I was 2881) and at those times I shat on him? Oddly, were when he was most proud.

    This American Paradigm has changed.

  2. Kath said,

    That is very cool, I’ll have to see that movie (it looked semi-interesting in the previews). It’s nice that you and your dad go to movies together.

  3. Tushar D said,

    that is a surprise indeed!
    Thanks for the links

  4. Enas Yorl said,

    Wow! Great song! It’s a lot like the trance stuff I’m listening to now. I’m now also interested in the movie too. I guess that’s why they chose this song – some things are nigh-universally cool.

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