Some Fun: I

July 14, 2006 at 6:56 am (Amusement)

This is a nice song: “Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss” by The Bloodhound Gang. I like the beat, the way the words sound. Makes one want to dance. The video is…weird. It’s by The Bloodhound Gang, so it’s full of innuendo. Still, I like it.

So if you’re feeling a little down, remember…some people want Jesus, other people want coke. Some people want love, other people want uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss, baby. Get up and dance! Israel and Lebanon will be there tomorrow. We can sorrow some other day. Today, uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss!

To me, “uhn tiss” reminds me of dancing: it’s a typical part of dance music. But in Urdu/Hindi “untees” means “twenty-nine.” So, when they say “uhn tiss” it also makes me to want to laugh. So random, throwing “29” into the song.


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