Israel should not view its situation through the Holocaust?

July 11, 2006 at 7:14 am (Blogs, International community, Islamism, Israel, Leftist idiocy, Middle East, Military, Palestinian Territories)

Tim Blair quotes a blogger, Addamo:

Simply put, the actions and policies of Israel need to stand alone, not framed in terms of the Holocuast. Israel is no longer a victim or vulnerable, but very much in control of the regional situation.

It will be healthy for all countries, including Israel to accept that the Holocasut has past and what is taking place in the Middle East can no longer be justified or excused by it.

“HOLOCASUT OFF LIMITS” by Tim Blair of Tim Blair.

If Israel were “no longer a victim or vulnerable” and “very much in control of the regional situation” then Israel would not be having its citizens kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists nor would it have to establish a buffer zone in the Gaza Strip to stop the shelling of Israeli cities by Palestinian terrorists (which has been going on ever since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip) nor would it have to fight off attempts by the international community to condemn Israel with nary a word of condemnation against the Palestinian terrorists nor would it have to face with dealing with terrorists in the Palestinian government nor would it need to build fences and walls if only to prevent the Palestinians from blowing up Israelis at restaurants, coffee/tea shops, and universities nor would it feel the need to put pressure on Syria to cease and desist its attempts to undermine Israeli security and stability, nor would kindergarten children be suffering from shock and post-tramatic stress sydrome as a result of Qassaam shelling nor would a hitchiking young Israeli man be picked up by Palestinian terrorists, shot immediately in the head, buried, claimed to be alive but in the possession of Palestinian terrorists, later found by Israelis after interrogating Palestinian terrorists, and then buried as an entire country and its international diaspora mourns and grieves.

So many decades after the Holocaust, and people are still trying to exterminate the Jews. If not in crematoriums, then by terrorism or by driving them into the Sea. If Israel does not stand up, it will be wiped out. This is what the Arabs are threatening. This is one of Hamas’s goals, after all.

As such, evidently Addamo does not live on earth or in our dimension.


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